New user assistance of where you can an cannot fly

Good Morning all,
I am a new Drone owner and live in the Teesside area, I have a Mavic Pro and am a little confused over the conflicting information of where you can an cannot fly, I understand the restrictions via the Drone code but various online “no fly” apps contradict each other with regards areas where we can and cannot fly in our local areas. What recommendation’s do you have for the most up to date information on no fly areas in our area. I am purely hobbyist with no intentions of using my drone for any commercial gains

Hello Paul
Welcome, you’ve found the most active club for multirotor hobbyist flying machines, most people call them Drones :grinning:
You’ll get a formal welcome from our moderators with lots of useful information for new members but let me try and answer you question.
The only definitive app is Drone Assist from NATS (National Air Traffic System?) managed by Altitude Angel. This allows you to see the CAA defined No Fly Zones (NFZ’s) and the relevant ground hazards in the area, also before you start a flight, you can notify of the airspace and time window you will be using within the app.
Beware of the many scam sites that misinform the public they can mark out their own NFZ. They have no official meaning. We’ve just had a discussion about these recently, I’ll send you the link.
I’m assuming you are registered and displaying your operators ID on your craft. It is now illegal to fly without that.
Do you have insurance? you need to :slightly_smiling_face:
There are various clubs, BMFA, FPVUK to name a few, whose membership includes craft and public liability insurance. search this side, there has been many discussions on the best to go with (personally I’m with the BMFA)
Hope all this lot helps you.
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, link to discussion of insurance.

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This is the link to discussion re scam NFZ websites

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Hi Steve,
I have my flyer ID and Operator ID which is displayed on my drone.
Thanks for the tips on insurance, I’ll look into that.
I have the NATS drone assist app which also recommended AIRMAP. I also downloaded this, it’s this app that seems to have everything restricted in my area. I looked at the North Yorkshire Moors website and it seemed to back up the AIRMAP info around not being able to fly drones in the National Park, but the area blocked out went all the way down towards Hull and inland past York, this is my whole local area.

Hi Steve,
Once again thanks for the information.
I have looked at the “altitude angel” drone safety map and the areas make sense as they are the ones I knew about.
I’ll see what my app comes up with on the DJI GO4 when I get home and take it out

The BMFA membership was a sound piece of advice, that’s my membership sorted. Thanks again

Check your settings in the apps, I think you might have upper air space ‘ticked’ which does put most the area you have described as no fly areas.

I’m a little south of you just outside Selby

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Thanks for the advice, just trying to figure out how to alter what is shown on the map :slightly_frowning_face:

This is what I keep getting shown with the large purple area covering just about everything :confused:

With default settings this is what Drone Assist shows me…

Steve, I’m just going to ignore the AIRMAP data, the airport and restricted zones are correct it’s just that big blanket “purple’ zone I don’t understand


This is why it will be purple…well I guess so anyway. I’m new and from Middlesbrough… We have some cracking areas to fly

Hi Mark,
I’d read that, that’s about 75% of my planned locations gone now :weary:
But I did not think the national park was as big as the area covered by the “purple patch” ?

Hi Paul,

I find the AirMap app a bit cumbersome as (I think) you only get to see the details of what’s on the map once you’ve logged in and started to plan a ‘mission’. Once you do that, it shows all the advisories and airspace categories for your location… this one is the ‘AIAA Vale of York’:

Which, with a bit of Googling, …


Basically, it’s okay to fly a drone there, but it’s liable to be busy airspace so be extra aware for other aircraft.

NATS is a far more user friendly experience :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, with a bit of practice it all starts to make more sense :slight_smile:


I don’t really understand what the issue is, as I thought I would be totally fine to take my P3 on walks along the cleveland way and have a flight… I’m not so sure anymore.

It now makes a lot more sense, thanks for that.
As you say it may clear when I show a mission, I was just logged in and generally looking in the area to have a look where I could go.
Some of the coastline in that area is where I want to fly, we do get occasional fighters in certain areas but they are few and far between.


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I’m the same, I could understand if you were trying flybys of Roseberry Topping when there are people about but most of the places I hike I never see anyone.
It’s a very large area to just blanket ban all drones


most of the coast line near us is fine, except South Gare due to the powerstation.
I’m going to email to moors people as I am sure if we just speak to them, they might be more relaxed.

Same, some days we never see a single person and when I go up roseberry topping it is 1st thing and not a soul around.

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Let’s face it we go there to catch the light either early doors or last thing to catch the light.
Hopefully a common sense approach may come out of it