New Video and a Question

Hi, all,

A nice (but short) flight yesterday resulting in my best pictures to date.

Here is the video:

The Mavic Pro lost contact, suddenly, and totally and RTH. Not a problem, but it would be nice to know why. I can’t see any reason for it. Connection was not restored on getting closer either. I just let it return and land.
Here’s the flight log:


4K, 25fps, MP4, graded in Resolve, edited in Premiere Elements.


Not sure why the disconnect - but you’ve got a new subscriber! :slight_smile:

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A new subscriber is always nice, even a slightly smiling one. :slight_smile:


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Don’t want you getting carried away!

Really enjoyed the video, beautiful location.

I am interested in how effective the sun hood you were using was? With all this great sonshine I do have a problem see the screen sometimes and was considering a sun hood

That’s the single best thing you could have done in that situation Steve :+1:

If you can hear it and see it coming in, and it looks on course for a standard RTH landing then leave it well alone to do its job. I’d have not bothered rebooting the controller or restarting apps or anything in that’s situation, just let it work its magic :slight_smile:

I invested in DJI’s own and it’s pretty neat. It attaches by having two pockets that slip over two antenna and works well. It was certainly a great help yesterday. I’d say go for it; if you can afford the drone, you can afford the shield. :slight_smile:


That was exactly my thinking at the time. I’d have probably flown for another few minutes, but I was pretty much done, so I did as you say and just let it come back - which it did, to within 2 inches (seriously) of the take off point.

Love the video Steve, colours look fantastic.

I’m not sure about your disconnection. I’d normally ask if you had antennas correctly positioned and facing mavic but you were really close.
Only think I can think of is some kind of interference from something nearby.

Hopefully it was a one off.

Thanks for all your comments folks. Now then . . . where next? :slight_smile:


Thanks will be ordering soon as the sunshine appears to be here for the season! :sunglasses: