New Year's Eve flight

I joked a while ago about flying my Mini at home, built up area, on the 31st. At the moment it looks like the weather is going to be more than OK in Lancashire. Very minimal chance of rain, or snow, wind 5mph and temperature just above freezing. Sadly work means I’m not home in daylight but if the weather is as good as forecast, I’ll be flying in the evening.

Who knows, might get a good B&W photo :grinning:

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Tier 4 now so not sure about a garden flight tomorrow. Rules allow it and I’d go straight up & down but if there’s a problem, not sure the neighbours will appreciate me knocking on their doors looking for it. Ahh well, so close :frowning:

Outdoor recreation is allowed in Tier 4, so if it’s just you and your drone, then you’re good to go.

Weather looks pretty decent too!



Appreciate what you’re saying but the worrier in me wonders what would happen if a gust caught it, etc. I’ll see tomorrow night, as you say the weather is looking good.

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No flying for me tonight, foggy mist has descended on the area.

Absolutely awful photos after the misty fog lifted. No breeze at ground level but something going on at 120mtr. In cine mode, fingers off sticks, it was very very slowly turning. No interference or wind warnings. Brought it back down, hovered above the garden, no movement whatsoever so I doubt the problem was the Mini2.

Anything on airdata to suggest it was moving?

Haven’t got to that stage yet but 2nd flight much better.


Back garden, centre of this universe, unintentionally redesigned in time for EASA, paved instead of grass and well lit.


I took my Mini 2 up less than a minute into the New year - lots of fireworks going off :slight_smile:


That adds the Firework Flyer Badge to your profile! :+1:

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That also adds the Night Flyer badge to your profile too.


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Yay ! :grinning: