Newbie 2312 - Cheshire

Hi, I’m new to drone flying and would like to pair with a more experienced flyer if there is
anybody in or around the Warrington area that flies locally it would be great to join you for an hour or so.


Hi @Buster2212 and welcome to Grey Arrows :wave:t2:

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And please feel free to add locations of your own too.

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Welcome once again!


Hi Mark, welcome to the club

Hi Mark and welcome to GADC :+1: :+1:

welcome @Buster2212 . What drone(s) do you have/want?

Hi Mark, welcome to GADC

Hi Mark - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hi Mark.
I drive between Winsford (not too far from your loc) and Staffordshire every day, I’d be happy to meet if we can find a date and time that suits………oh and some bloody flyable weather :rofl:

Welcome and enjoy :+1:

Hi Rolo, thanks for that lets see how the weather is this side😱

Hi Mark,

Welcome to GADC… I am not far away, just over the ship canal in Partington, but only been flying myself since August, but happy to help if I can…

hi Mark,
welcome to GDAC, not from your area i’m afraid, I’m sure there will be local guys to help out. Am actually near Nantwich this weekend but with partner and friends, so not sure what flight time i’ll get lol ( will sneak off if i can):flushed:

Hi, thank you whereabouts do you go to fly? Maybe I could meet somewhere local when the weather is favourable.

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Hi, I get down to Audlem marina in our motorhome on a regular basis will be there 10th Dec if your local let me know that would be great.

Hi Buster
Im in Warrington, been flying drones for a few years now, so I’ll be up for meeting sometime when the weather is decent enough!

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Still learning where to fly, but the Ship Canal nearby is good for some practice, have been for days out to Wales, Scotland, away for a week recently to th Highlands, and whenever I am away with work… There are plenty of interesting sites on the Drone Scene map… There is a small beach just down form Lymn Toll Bridge that is ok for some practice flying, and you can shoot the bridge too…
Happy to meet up when the weather is somewhat improved, was flying at Waylands Smithy in Oxordshire on Thursday morning, was pushing the wind limits, but got some reasonable footage…

Hi Andy_B, thanks for your msg that would be great do you fly locally? I’ve not done anything yet but I’m keen to get going weather permitting!! Give me a shout if your out flying.


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Victoria Park is probably a good place jsut to get used to the drone,.
Ive covered most of the places I can think of in Warrington now, so tend to plan going to different areas, but that tends to be pre planned rather than spur of the moment

Thanks Andy do you need to early/ morning?

Anytime really…I’ll send you a pm next time I’m free and the weather is looking ok.
Have to time it around taxi for the Mrs at weekends and work during the week

No worries just let me know.