Newbie Flights

So after having purchased my Mavic 2PZ going through CAA Regs checking where I can fly and where I can’t, checking NATS and NFZ’s, weather conditions and wind Gusts didn’t realise how much was involved. Managed to get a couple of flights in over the last week or so. Found a spot today near the coast and did some flying over the water a bit nerve racking I must say, but just wanted to say thanks to all the posts on this forum and the wealth of knowledge on here that helped me out.


You know to watch out for the natural predator of the common grey coastal drone??? :bird:


Seagulls, Terns, !

To save seabirds attacking your drone feed them chips sprinkled with marijuana. Leave no tern unstoned.


Clever use of words LOVE it! Made me chuckle

Awesome I’ve just got a Mavic 2 Zoom as well. It’s great to see you have already read through the CAA regulations, but have you completed the CAA registration in order to get your operator ID and flyer ID?