Newbie from Glasgow

Hi guys, newbie here from Glasgow. Just got myself a Mavic 2 Pro. I’m a professional photographer but intend to fly recreationally just now (I love creating photo panoramas), maybe look at commercial permissions later on. I’ve joined a local model flying club to get somewhere to practice flying. Had my first day out with the Mavic to Glencoe & Rannoch Moor last week, I figured there would be nothing up there to crash in to lol.


Hi John. Hope you had a nice flight up at Rannoch - one of my favourite parts of the world :slight_smile: Get your batteries charged; looks like our last day of summer tomorrow :wink:


Cheers Joe :+1: Yeah you could be right, was thinking I may head to Glenfinnan this time.


Except the RAF when they come barreling through!

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Very true lol