Newbie from Hampshire

Hi all, bought the DJI mini 2 a couple of weeks back, have had 4 flights just to get used to controls and handling. Have my operator ID and Flyer ID and would like to take my drone over to my local woodlands (Hawley woods, Farnborough) to film some footage early in the morning as the sun rises, problem being 2/3 of the woodlands is right on the edge of Farnborough airport and blackbush Airport FRZ.
My Q: can I fly the mini 2 there as less than 250g and will be flying at 20m max???
Have been watching lots of videos and looking up loads of regs but difficult to find the bit I’m after.
Thanks in advance

You’ll find your answer here:

Does your intended flight area fall inside any FRZs on that map?

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Thank you, yes Literally just inside the limit of the airspace boundary.


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There is your answer then


Right, best start looking for my next location

Or could ask Farnborough/Blackbushe ATC for permission?
No guarantees, but if it’s that close to where you could fly OK, they could be amenable.
The area where the two adjoin is perpendicular to the line of their runways - which should give them less concern.

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Also, welcome to GADC … and “Hi!” from the southern end of the M3. :wave: :wink:

Hi. I have the mini 2 as well. Blown away by just how capable this little is.

Fantastic bit of kit, I got chatting to an aerial videographer at one of our construction sites, he had a variety of drones but the mini 2 seemed a great starting place to get into the hobby.

Welcome Stents I only joined a couple of days ago too

I live on the outer edge of Brighton airport which is also a FRZ. Also hoped I’d be able to fly at low altitude as there’s a few big buildings nearby but don’t think I’ll risk it…

Regarding flying within a Flight Restriction Zone.

Contact Farnborough Air Traffic via this form

This is for all airfields on this list:

  • Heathrow Airport

  • London City Airport

  • London Luton Airport

  • London Stansted Airport

  • Aberdeen Airport

  • Glasgow Airport

  • Belfast International Airport

  • Belfast City Airport

  • Manchester Airport

  • Cardiff Airport

  • St. Athan Airport

  • Bristol Airport

  • Southampton Airport

  • Farnborough Airport

  • Woodvale Airport

  • Middle Wallop Airport

  • Barkston Heath Airport

  • London Heliport Battersea

For all other airfields contact their ATC directly via phone or email.

It’s fairly self-explanatory, I’ve used it before when dealing with Southampton Airport. In my experience with various air traffic controllers they are only too pleased to help someone who is making the effort to do things in the correct way.


Applications for NSFs should be made with a minimum of 21 days notice – Note applications in the Restricted Areas in London may take longer.

For applications in the Restricted Areas please ensure you have sought permission/s from the relevant land owner, local authorities or other organisations impacted by the flight/task prior to submitting your application.

Applications submitted less than 7 days in advance of the flight may not be processed.

Give it a try! :slight_smile:

“a minimum of 21 days notice” :man_shrugging:

I don’t know what I’m doing later today.

And nor do the weather forecasts know what’s happening later today.

So in this instance you say that you wish to fly from half past sparrowfart to when the sun is above the trees on this range of days.

ATC aren’t upset if you don’t turn up when you said you would, only if you do tuen up without letting them know.

Indeed … but if I wanted to fly tomorrow, 21 days doesn’t really fit in.

Think ahead. Remember the 7 P’s :slight_smile:

7? thought to was only 6 :thinking:

Performance. . . . . . :wink:


Or plenty proper

Blackbushe Airport is very accommodating to drone requests.
Requires the completion of an on line form, their return confirmation, and a phone call prior to launch and at the end of flying on the day.
On line form at :- Drones — Blackbushe Airport

Let us know how you get on.


Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

Or so it were when I were a lad ,

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