Newbie from Hull

Hi yaw im Zilla from That there Hull on the East coast Love fpv flying more than any other its go to the point i look at something and my first thought is i bet i can fpv that… Im a member of our local tinywhoop group and always sorting days out pre lockdown but hope to be back at it sooner rather than later … i look forward to chat with you all and if any from around the Hull area drop me a msg… take care and fly safe peeps xx


Welcome from the other side of the Pennines mate :slight_smile:

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Hi buddy nice to meet you im loving this site i have some pins to drop on the map for others to go to and hope to post a lot more if we get to an end of the lockdown…

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Hey up @Zilla I’m not a million miles away from you Goole/Selby way.

Some great places to fly in around Kingston.

Like your youtube ;o)

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Greetings from the South Bank of the river.

Many thanks dude im a member of a cool facebook group TinywhoopHull its mainly micro quads but we all fly bigger stuff to and arrange to meets …pre covid we run race nights all over Hull but our mian place is Del Gelato ( the best icecream ever )

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Hey buddy nice to meet you :slight_smile: