Newbie from Liverpool

Hi everyone. I’m new to drones and the forum.
I bought a new MAVIC PRO a couple of weeks ago and still haven’t been out with it.
I wanted to take it to Kraków last week but wasn’t sure of the rules of flying drones there.
Has anyone taken their drone away with them and how did you find the rules for where you went?

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Welcome to the friendliest and most knowledgable drone site.

Taking your drone to Poland? A simple search on Google for ‘Drone flying regulations in Poland’ brought up this site at the top of the list: -Drone rules and laws in Poland - current information and experiences

If, as you say you are new to drones, you’d like a meet, I’m coming over to the Wirral (Birkenhead) on Wednesday 4th April with my Mavic Pro to visit the in-laws. A meet would give me the perfect excuse to get away from the gossiping.

Re transporting your drone on flights there are many videos on YouTube re this (a particularly good one is by ‘Ikopta’ - basically make sure that the drone itself and ancillary kit are well protected, your batteries are kept in a fire-retardant pouch (preferable but not totally necessary), and that you keep the batteries with you in your hand-luggage so as to deal with them in case of fire. Oh go on then, there’s the link: -

Thanks for the invitation to meet. I have to say no due to work commitments.

No problemo - here to help.

Hi @Abacus and welcome to Grey Arrows :+1:

Good to have another North West member on board!

Barry has given you some sound pointers there, also take a look in our #Travel-advice-for-anyone-taking-their-drone-abroad category as many tips will be if use, no matter where your destination :slight_smile:

Welcome once again :smiley:

Welcome to the forum.

As you haven’t flow your mavic yet I recommend watching the video on this thread Top 15 causes of crashes and flyaways by @ianinlondon
Great advice for new pilots.