Newbie from Ruislip

Hi Everyone,
Drone newbie from Ruislip in North West London, dipping my big toe into the world of drone flying with a JJRC X11.

Hoping to see how much I enjoy this new hobby before splashing out for a more capable drone in about 2 year’s time when all the new regulations would be firmly in place. Have enjoyed reading the various informative posts so far and looking forward to contributing eventually.

Anyone in the area know of good sites for drone flying in Ruislip/North West London?


Hi and welcome to the group, you won’t find a more helpful place, I hope you enjoy the club and your drone flying

Hi - welcome to the group. I am also a new flier and from the Ruislip area.

I started by taking my drone to Northwick Park in Harrow and the area to the East of the hospital as that is not covered by restrictions and is a big clear space that you need for your first flights. I went early evening to avoid crowds.

Another spot I tried recently was in Ruislip Woods and my intention is to try Rickmansworth Aquadrome next.

Obviously keep well away from Northolt, Denham and Heathrow areas.

Happy flying!

Hi Yomi and a warm welcome to GADC.

Thanks for the warm welcome.

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Thanks for the location and airport tips. Will surely try the Northwick Part Area.
With regards Ruislip Woods, which particular area have you tried? - its quite a large area.

SeaHunter - thanks

Welcome. I started last year with similar kit to see if I liked it. I did so I’ve just sold that and moved to a Mavic Mini. I think it’s best to try these things before you throw huge investments at it.

Welcome Yomi to GADC, great place for people who are new to droning.
Feel free to pick our brains, we have a lot of very experienced people on here.

I went to an area to the left when coming out of the car park, and near the Haste Hill miniature railway station. Again I went in the evening time when less people were around.

Not sure if you already have it but download the NATS Drone Assist on your phone to see the safe areas to fly.

@Alecmilner - Thanks for the encouragement with regards the upgrade path.

Mark, thanks for the tip. Will check it out.

Welcome to grey arrows

A very good friend of mine flies his Mavic 2 over the Ruislip lido. Lovely area. Enjoy

Paul hi, thanks for the heads up.

Hi. I was reading another thread regarding councils who have policies about drone flying, and my own search for Hillingdon council that covers Ruislip Lido states that drone flying is not allowed there. See Policy information - Hillingdon Council

I just want to make you aware so as not to get into any trouble … :slight_smile:


Mark hi,

Thanks for the advisory - looked on the information on the link you sent and it is a fairly stiff opposition to drone flying by the council. For flying at Northwick Park, do you have a permit from Brent Council to fly in the park as it appears one is required :frowning:

Hi Yomi. Thanks for the additional information.

No I don’t have a letter from Brent council, but I will now drop them a line and see what they say. I’ll let you know how I get on. Originally I had used the information on the Drone Scene web site to research a suitable location. It just shows you there seems to be plenty of research to do in this area!

I checked the Rickmansworth Aquadrome and Three Rivers Council who don’t mention a ban in that area so will probably go there next. The council do mention they expect people flying drones in their area to abide by the Drone Code and be CAA registered.

Mark hi,
Thanks for the feedback especially with regards Rickmansworth Aquadrome.
I have also contacted the Northwood Park Model Flying Club to find out how they obtain their permission to fly from Brent Council. Will update on receipt of response.

@mark280560, I found out a bit more about the Brent Council permit. It is an annual permit issued every April at a cost of £42. However due to COVID, this has been delayed and it is expected this should be available to be issued in the next couple of weeks. Got the information from the Northwick Park Flying Club.

Hi Yomi.
Thanks very much for the information - very useful to know.