Newbie from Stafford


Got it off eBay seller sherena4
Item number was 183593341406 was with best offer so offered a grand and got accepted :slight_smile: happy days lol


Now unpacked and everything charging, I’m like a big kid at the moment lol


Definitely got a bargain I would be on there but my funds are in Amazon Gift card so restricted to Amazon that is why I’m holding on as could be reductions after xmas, I am using a phantom 4 at moment.


Hi Tim and welcome, I am from Stoke-on-Trent and flying Phantom 4.


That would be great if an get a mutual date to suit


Hi Tim,your biggest enemy at the moment is our lovely weather, quite frustrating when you first get one and every day is windy and raining,then for me it was my nerves…felt like an adrenaline sport at first as you see your thousand pounds lift off the ground and fly away lol, but if you take other advise and take your time you will soon learn to trust your drone and relax and enjoy the experiance…good luck and hope weather improves for you


Oh and the Gatwick fiasco


Hi Tim welcome to this madhouse we call home