Newbie from Telford Shropshire


Newbie from Telford Shropshire with a Mavic Air.

I’m Dan 28 my full time job is a mechanic for the royal mail in West Bromwich.

I’m currently getting used to controls ect as it’s my first time with a drone.

I’ve ordered a few accessories such as Extra batteries & battery charger pack for on the go charging.

I’m looking to get a bit of experience with filming events such as rugby & football matches and maybe weddings in the future do I need anything in the eyes of the law to do this as it will be without reward to start off with.


Welcome Daniel, I’m also a Newbie from Cannock used to live in Homer Lake Telford, made contact with a couple of other newbies from the area and meeting up on Cannock Chase after Xmas (weather permitting) and your welcome to join us.



Hi @daniel_lloyd91 and welcome to Grey Arrows, glad you could join us mate :smiley:


It would be sensible however to get some Public Liability Insurance, just in case the worst were to happen. Check out FPVUK, they do insurance for about £20 quid a year.

Also just be careful with maintaining the correct distances (re Drone Code), filming a local club footy match would be considered a crowded area :+1:t2:


Hi Dan welcome to this madhouse we call home (when the wife’s not about)
Did some work down Telford a few years ago at the tank factory bet you can’t fly over there…
Anyway I am sure others who live close by will be along once normal service resumes after Gatwick has calmed down and the Christmas thing is over
You can use the members map to see who is in your vicinity


Hello and welcome @daniel_lloyd91


Hi Daniel / @daniel_lloyd91, and welcome to GADC!

If you haven’t already, take a look at the Map of Members which includes most active members - and you’ll be able to see who else is in your neck of the woods.

And please do add yourself to the map too map: Members’ Location Map - A Guide


I’m currently waiting on my extras to be here before I venture out as I think a 21 minute flight time with no handheld charger or extra batteries will be pretty boring to be fair.

I have registered on the map & going to register with fpvuk tomorrow do I need a certificate / paper work to show to someone if they ask ?

Sorry for all the questions I’d just rather not get in to any bother with do gooders.


Just let me know when you’re ready to fly. I have been asked to show any paperwork etc. however I do carry a copy of insurance and UK drone law.


There is an info thread by @chrisjohnbaker here
Hope this helps Dan


I’ve never been asked by anyone either. There is no legal requirement for this don’t forget, it’s entirely optional.

If you sign up with FPVUK they provide you with a PDF certificate to print out :+1:t2:


I meant Never been asked