Newbie in West Sussex

Just joined the site after searching for places to fly and come across the site.

I’m based in Chichester but when the weather is good and covid isn’t restricting us, I’m found all over the place haha.

I’ve just purchased a Mavic Air 2 after a friend loaned me a Mavic mini for a holiday and I loved the views and wanted something of my own. I’ve gone ahead and registered the drone and been looking at eventually doing the A2 course. I’ve been into photography since covid hit so thought the drone would give me another interest and so far, even though I’ve had limited time in the air due to weather, I’ve loved it! Even my 10 year old son has taken a sudden interest so it’s a new thing to do together.

Got a few places that I’d love to photograph when the weather allows and had a search on restrictions but wondered how people approach places to ask for permission to fly nearby? Any one have any pointers, I’d appreciate it. At the moment I plan on just flying and snapping for my own enjoyment and memories but if I was to snap certain landmarks etc, I’d always be happy to share them with the owner/management of said subject.


It’s nice that you and your son can share an interest, asking people for permission to fly good luck. Unfortunately most if not all will say no, but you may have better luck than me?


Hi @Tiger83 and welcome to the GADC.

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I’ve not approached places so far, been taking it to open areas well away from everywhere but I know there’s some good land marks nearby which I’m hoping to do early morning trips to, I know one of the places are listed on the interactive map on here but next to a naval base so know I have to follow the rules closely there although every app I’ve checked so far don’t show any real restrictions for the area other than public safety but no doubt I’ll find a few spots where permission will be needed in future.

I’m not too far from you (Hayling Island). I have a fair number of sites that I’ve put on Dronescene and didn’t ask permission from anyone. And nobody questioned my right to be there.

Most of the flying was from or near a public footpath soo that if I was ever challenged I could claim thaat take off was from public land and that I was flying at a sensible height >50m in unrestricted airspace. Dronescene and the definitive rights of way maps for West Sussex and for Hampshire are your friends! :slight_smile:

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I’ll be taking a longer look through dronescene very soon! Hayling Island is one of my spots I want to fly, was looking at the idea of circling funland and along the land train, ideally sticking closer to the sea so less chance of people nearby and I’m sure funland will be closed at the moment. I’m always passing close to Hayling and spend a lot of time in Gosport, spinnaker tower is on my list of aerial shots wanted but think that will need to be an early morning or evening shot to avoid people as well as any security risks although the maps I’ve looked at so far only warn of high radio frequency in that area instead of a no fly zone which surprised me die to the naval boats but won’t push my luck in that area :joy: