Newbie needing quiet Liverpool practice

Hi all. I’m guessing this has been asked a few times but just got my hands on my first drone and need a quiet open space in the south Liverpool area, I know it’s difficult because of the airport, just want to practice without the looky looky folk coming up to me. Don’t mind that later in my dronage career but first few flights need to be alone lol… Sad innit… anyway, many thanks in advance

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Many thanks for that

Welcome, have a search for Sefton, a few places about

Hi and welcome, I’m Liverpool based too and most of south Liverpool is scuppered by the airport and other NFZs North Liverpool gets a little better and as mentioned above sefton is great I have added a few to drone scene but will put more on.

Feel free to send me a DM anytime happy to chat and swap locations :+1:

Hi and thanks. I thought that would be the case to be honest. Looking forward to helping out as much as I can. And thanks for the invite to chat

Hello. I did a bit of flying near Otterspool recycling centre, it’s close to the no-fly zone, but there was plenty of space.

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Funny you should say that cos I did a bit of practice from festival gardens carpark this morning. Really quiet and lovely views

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You all not under house arrest yet @Bigdaz

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Hahaha that’s next week, when I’m sure there will be several more tiers for us to go into lol

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As I am a crown servant, and very rarely go out drinking, these new restrictions don’t effect me in the slightest :man_shrugging:

Basically closed pubs? Unless they serve food then they can stay open???