Newbie question about the limitations of the new DJI Mini 3 around Wells Cathedral

I have just mafe my first two flights with my Christmas present, the DJI Mini 3. I am excited about its possibilities but I am confused by the number of Regulations regarding drone flying. Let me take a hypothetical question. Some time in the future I want to create a YouTube video for my channel about Wells Cathedral. What qualifications and permissions do I need to, say, fly a heliix around and above the cathedral? I know this is an example of running before I can walk but I like to anticipate the future. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.

The Drone and Model Aircraft Code | UK Civil Aviation Authority (

All you ever need to know is here, all you need is an operators ID for a mini drone (<250gm)
[Drone Safety Map | Altitude Angel]
Check the map if you are legal to fly there and this is also available as an app.

You will soon pick up the drone controls and so on, i am a new pilot myself and only started in July 2022 and already have a small collection of videos on you tube.


Have you registered yet?

Looking at Dronescene there is nothing stopping you from flying

And a quick search for Wells Cathedral brings up


Personally, I find Drone Scene superior …


Air restrictions = none, but it’s always wise to look up land owner permissions of where you intend to TOAL (take off and land) from before you fly anywhere and that you can keep full VLOS (visual line of sight) of your drone from said location. Best to stick to public footpaths where possible.

TOALing right on the doorstep of a location is not always required for great photos and video and my personal preference is you’ll probably get more dramatic shots from a further distance anyway to give your viewer the full grandular of the location as well as some more close (but not too close) shots.

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Wow! That is some response from you guys. I am both extremely grateful and encouraged by your replies and the time and bother you took to answer my very first tentative query to the Grey Arrows site. Impressive.

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Suck up… :wink:

He is right though…

One of the major issues you face with what you say you want to achieve is the question of VLOS under the newly issued AMC and GM from the CAA. These seriously restrict our ability to get the images and video that we might be aiming for.

Under the new AMC and GM, you have to be able to keep your drone in visual range (no change with that) but you are now also required to be able to visually see the orientation of the drone at all times (not using your screen etc to assist). Depending on conditions, I used to be able to fly my Mini 2 / Mini 3 Pro out to a max of 450m. I am now restricted to a maximum of 80m from my ‘trials’ so far. Beyond that I cannot ascertain the orientation of the drone by eye alone.

@Vetman Hi Adrian, I check out the local councils for Byelaws and although I cant find anything definitively conclusive, Wells council could not find anything specific when responding to Simon Hawkins FOI request. Follow this link for more info:

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Hi there and many thanks for the advice. I have been amazed at the response of the Grey Arrows members to my very tentative request foir in formation

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As per other comments there would appear to be no airspace restrictions (other than VLOS) but you should have the permission of the landowner of the location you want to TOAL. This may be the local council.

I would also suggest you get permission from the cathedral before posting any footage on social media for public consumption. I got permission from a church near me, with one proviso… they had a genuine concern that I didn’t post any footage showing close-ups of the roof. In the past someone had posted some lovely pics but they showed potential thieves access routes to lead and copper on the roof. Some people will say don’t bother asking, but I feel it is right to be courteous and respect land/property owner’s wishes. I have also found that more opportunities open up and I now give presentations to several local groups on my aerial photography.

Good luck with your new hobby. BTW If you plan to make money from your channel then there will be additional commercial considerations - insurance and permissions.

Although its not required, I find it a comfort to know that I have public liability insurance (as with all insurance … just in case).
I joined FPVUK, and they offer quite a comprehensive insurance as part of their membership fees. Definitely one to consider I would say, and Simon from FPVUK is a member here too @FPVUK .

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I honestly wouldn’t lose any sleep over this, but each to their own.

I won’t but I do think it is best to advise new drone users of potential issues they may face. Armed with the information, they can then decide what they do about it

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