Newbie questions

These are some really simple questions I’m sure, but you said there was no stupid ones! Thanks in advance for your help and answers. I have a MAVIC PRO

  1. Can you control the camera without moving the drone? I.e if i want to choose the angle of the camera during flight.
  2. Does the intelligent RTH on low battery constantly monitor the battery? Ie if its 12 mins back, will it start back at 14 mins, 13 mins = 15 mins, etc etc. Has it ever failed on anyone?
  3. What does the processor consider a breakdown? (I’ve changed the settings so that the emergency stop of the rotors only works in breakdown mode, so i don’t accidentally drop it out of the sky)

Thanks again

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You can tilt the camera up and down only.

Unless you have the DJI Goggles, which I think then allows full and independent movement? (never tried)

Yes, but don’t get caught out by the wind, as it can’t factor that. If possible, fly in to the wind on your way out and let the wind aid your return home.

Don’t push your luck with the battery timer though, it’s only an estimate.

Sorry, can’t answer that one!


Thank you for taking the time to respond

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No worries John!

Someone else may be able to advise on # 3 but to date I’ve never heard of a single DJI drone (of any model) exhibiting this failure / error, so don’t sweat that one too much :+1:t2:

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There’s a thread on the DJI forum you might want to read, where a couple of people argue that you want this feature enabled: How disable CSC maneuver that shuts the prop motors off in flight? | DJI FORUM

I can understand the motivation for wanting to turn it off, but in all honesty, not once in my entire five minutes of flying have I ever run the risk of executing the CSC manoeuvre in flight. I’m aware the risk exists, but to me, it’s not likely to happen if you’re flying reasonably cinematically & with gentle movements. Other people might think differently though.

As @PingSpike says, be careful with relying on the battery intelligence & think about the wind.

There are no daft questions. The first thing that I did (and still do a lot of), is read everything and watch a lot of videos to learn from the people that know more than me. You can learn a lot about what mistakes not to make by finding out about the things other people did. For an example of how you can get into a right mess with batteries and RTH, check out @ianinlondon’s excellent YouTube video on how he lost his MP at Dover. Search for ‘Ian In London’ on YT.


You can enable head tracking modeon the dji race edition goggles and it is pretty awezome. Where you look the camera looks😁


As far as im aware its fatal errors like motor, esc or gyro and abnormal attitudes.

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I just watched it… He’s a very honest chap! Good info though, thank you.


And he knows his onions!

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