Newbie, what to buy


Just had a look at currys :flushed:

£950 for fly more combo

And £900 for platinum standard


Yeah it’s weird, the price of the “old” Mavic Pro just hasn’t fallen much.

Which is odd, when you consider how long the Platinum has been around, along with the MP2 being quite common place now…



The demand must continue, obviously.


I guess so…

I also assume they’re still being made? And that this isn’t just old (new) stock?


I’d have thought they’d have managed production down as the M2P/Z were about to be released had that been the case.


Or they have a glut of stock


I think it’s dropped in the second hand market but you can only go to that market if you know/trust the seller :slightly_frowning_face:

Why do drones have to be so complicated?


If they had a glut of an old, non-selling, model - the price would have fallen to get rid of them.


They only worry when they start falling out of the sky


Welcome to our world :grin:


@CaptainCrash1971 any the wiser mate?

I’m not sure anyone here owns the Parrot Anafi yet…


Yet being the operative word…


@Alkahest does.


A photographer I follow did a video with his thoughts link below


I follow him as well, I do like the idea of it being able to look upwards.


Nope pingspike, absolutely none the wiser. I feel like the anafi would be a good buy, 50 quid cheaper than a standard air, but with all the extras, but can’t help feel like a bit of a guinea pig as they’re not well tested yet.
Also I think the obstacle avoidance on the air would be beneficial with me being a newb.
Of course the spark fly more for 489 is even cheaper, but just appears to be too much like a toy drone to be taken seriously (please correct me if I’m wrong)
These vouchers are burning a hole in my pocket though, and they’ve already sold out of two of the colours of the air!!
My current thought is just buy the air standard package and buy more batteries and an aftermarket charger later. I’ve got plenty camera bags to carry it around in.


Hey mate. I saw @PingSpike put a mention here and yep I do have a Parrot Anafi and I bought it from drones direct for 620 quid with two extra batteries before they launched the Anafi Extended Combo. As far as I can tell you the Anafi is a pretty good camera and shlots log as well unlike the Air and Spark, ( only Mavic Pro and above shoot log if you go down the DJI route). I have a little ahowreel with the Anafi that I’ll post here if it’ll help you make a decision. From my personal use I can really tell you it’s a great drone and really travel friendly and whime it. Struggles in high winds and you can see the drone shaking and rocking in them, the footage that comes out is a lot more stable than you’d imagine and the battery life is insanely good for the price you get this at ( close to 20 minutes per battery, always)

If I should sum.up what’s not to like about it there’s only a couple of qualms I feel exist in my work with it:

  1. it’s great to have USB C charging but yes it can take a whIle to charge it up. Thankfully I had a power charger because my phone has a USB C port as well but still with that it’s a good 2-2.5 hours to get them up.
  2. No obstacle avoidance. On the brigot side but the only crash I have had was because I knocked into a tree because I couldn’t slow down eaRoy enough while reversing it up in Sports mode. It’s barely got a scratch though from the crash, which is a great thing :slight_smile:
  3. the Parrot raw files have a codec that’s really hard for Premiere to work on. While they play back perfectly well. They can be hard to edit if you dont make proxies because they are indeed with a lot of information but in a highly contained codec.

There’s a lot I can talk about the Anafi so let me.know if you’ve got any specific questions I can answer!



Drones direct were knocking out mp1 claymore combo for 800. Might be worth a look.:grin:


ok the offers they have at the moment was a little cheaper yesterday


Thanks for all the replies. I’ve heard the anafi isn’t so stable in the wind, confirmed by Alkahest. I live pretty high up (1000 ft above sea level) so might have to avoid that one, it’s always windy here.
Mavic Air still the favourite I think, probably just order one tonight before black flag sale ends.
Out of curiosity, what’s the maximum wind velocity to fly a drone such as the mavic air in?