Newbie, what to buy


The problem is the gusts. And what is low wind on the ground can be faster at higher altitudes.
Some people say they can fly in a 40mph wind, because the Mavic can push forward albeit slowly but I wouldn’t really recommend it. I personally don’t fly in anything above 25mph and have set my UAV map to tell me when it’s good to fly.


Cheers Brian, I’d actually downloaded that app yesterday, it’s quite handy.
I’ve finally made up my mind and bought a mavic air. I’ll pick it up on Monday when I’m off work. Will have to wait for a calm day before I fly it, and I’m going to be watching loads of videos for some instruction.
I only got the one battery, so will order a second as I doubt I’ll be out for more than that length of time. If I prove myself wrong I’ll just order another.


Great stuff. If you need any help or advice, just ask and we will all endeavour to assist you.
A very handy tip. Be ultra careful with the usb c port on the controller. It is very very easy to get the cable in the wrong way round when charging it because it’s almost square. This then breaks off the little tab in the controller, rendering you unable to charge it.
I always only use the main USB port for connecting my phone/tablet and have purchased a magnetic cable connector which lives in the usb c port permanently and saves wear and tear on the port. They are only a couple of quid but work perfectly and could potentially save hundreds, being the cost of a new controller. OR. a dab of white paint on the end of the connector. I used this method until I discovered the magnetic connectors and was perfectly ok
See pics.