Newby from Rotherham

Hi everyone, great to be a new member of the Grey Arrows drone club. I have a couple of years flying a Parrot Bebop and recently upgraded to a Mavic Air 2. I’m a keen photographer plan to use the drone to extend my photographic and video opportunities. It appears however that with effect from Jan 2021 the new regulations will impact on my ability to fly in areas I would like to explore. I’m looking forward to joining the club and sharing my experience with other like minded enthusiast. James

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Hi James @Clarkyjp and welcome to GADC from a fellow Yorkshire dweller (North Riding for me).

Take a look at the A2 CofC it offers the same sort of freedom you have had so far for around £99 and a day of your life, or perhaps a shiny new Mini 2 which offers the best all round fly almost anywhere drone.

Take a look at our very own DroneScene for member added places to fly as well as all the flight planning info you could ever need.

Welcome @Clarkyjp.
I’m also in South Yorkshire (Donny) and also getting back in to regular flying.

I used to fly both bebop 1 and 2 on the past and although they’re not as advanced as DJI, I had some great fun with both over the years.

I’ve just registered for the A2(c of c) with UAV hub for £99 which seems to be a worthwhile investment.
I’d definitely consider it as it unlocks a lot more possibilités with the new rules.

Anyway, enjoy the forum - lots of likeminded and very helpful people in here.

Will have to get a Yorkshire meet scheduled once the rules allow

Hi Howard, thanks for the welcome message and really pleased to be a member of Grey Arrows forum. As a Mavic Air 2 user it’s clear for me to be able fly to A2 category I’m going to have to register and take the A2 CofC qualification. I’m ok with that as I believe its my responsibility to learn and fly as safely as possible. Thanks for the info and yes would be good to meet with other local flyers. I’m from Rotherham.

Hi Chris, thanks for your welcome message and the A2 CofC information. It’s clear I need this qualification if I want to develop my skills and extend my flying range.Thanks, Will have a look at the I’m looking forward to meeting and sharing my experience with others members of the GADC. james

Welcome James :+1:

I did my A2CofC in November with UAVHub who I can fully recommend - if thy can get me through successfully they can get anyone through :rofl:

You may also like to have a look at this thread FPVUK - UAS Implementing Regulation Article 16 Operational Authorisation - by joining FPV UK you can gain some exemptions which will allow you to fly in additional areas - worth a look anyway :+1:

Also check out this video from @ianinlondon that covers the majority of scenarios

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Hi James @Clarkyjp, I’m based in Doncaster so not so far away either. I’m just a hobbiest and I enjoy the photography aspect too with the drones. Fairly new myself but I’ve found the club is very welcoming and has some good content as well as knowledge many of the members such as @milkmanchris who has already shared the link for suitable places to fly.


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Good morning Jason, great to hear from you. I came across Grey Arrows after viewing Ian in London, You Tube vids who has some excellent information on the Mavic Air 2. He explained the latest information on flying regulations and how they will affect the MA2. Having just joined the club I’m looking forward to meeting like minded enthusiast like yourself and sharing our experience. As a keen photographer I’m hoping to use the drone to extend my video skills and photo opportunities. Good to hear from you and as we live close by maybe we could meet up sometime or suggest suitable locations to fly. James