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New member & new Mavic pilot (Christmas present)
From Rainy Ashton Under Lyne in Greater Manchester. Oh and got the DJI Goggles but not tried them yet. :eyes:
47 years old and Still Life Photographer by Trade.


Welcome dude. Get the goggles on their ace!

Welcome aboard

Hi @scott.lendon and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Great to have another North West member on board, we were beginning to give up our reign to those southerners :rofl:

I don’t own the goggles but having tried out @bcf’s set last week, I am seriously impressed!

Be sure to check out our places to fly map at and please do share some of your #media with us :+1:

Welcome Scott, not tried the goggles myself but something I’d really like to.

Cheers Fellas…

Not tried them yet as I’m short sighted in one eye and long sighted in the other. I’ve ordered some lenses from DJI but they won’t be here until the end of the month. :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi :wave:t2:
You’ll have tons fun fun with the Mavic when you get going, although this weather has been shiteeeee. I’m originally from Dukinfield but moved to Swinton 4 years ago. My parents still live in dukinfield and I work all around Oldham so I might see your Mavic one day haha.

Ah good old Dukinfield. I own a studio there. Just off Globe Lane. In Roland Bardsley’s old establishment.

Ahh cool. Yea my parents live up the road on Richmond Park estate so I know that area well :slight_smile:

Small world?!

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Welcome from Stockport :+1:

3 years later… Where did you did this one up from @Mungmeister? :rofl:

The OP hasn’t been seen since Sep 2018 :grimacing:

Oh Fook didn’t look at the date lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Hi Scott am in sunny ashton u lyne as well

I have just got another Drone flyer to join BigGUAV :+1:

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The Delorean is out in Manc land tonight