Newport Bridge , Middlesbrough

With a little added magic …


Love it, as they say you can’t polish a turd but a little bit of glitter goes a long way :wink:


Thanks , Luminar 4 is very good for this sort of thing and way way cheaper than Adobe software :flushed:

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Thanks for that picture - looks like a lovely structure. Love to see it in use with the roadway raised now!

I knew about your transporter bridge (2.5 mile downstream) and have used that a couple of times. Next time I’m in the area I might try to use both bridges . . .

Thanks , I’m afraid the transporter is out of commission and quite likely won’t work again , at least not for some time , and the newport bridge is permanently locked down , still great subjects though , as is infinity bridge further inland towards Stockton :+1:

Sorry to hear that the Transporter bridge is out of action :frowning: Another reason to take another trip up N to see it before some clever bugger in the council decides that “It isn’t working so we may as well knock it down” and we lose another piece of engineering heritage.

And by the way, I’m another Young-un. Ron (or Ronald on a Sunday or if I was naughty) :wink:

And just another quick one - i’ve been looking at a series of books produced by the Germans during WW2 that show various places up and down UK with a view to them being either useful “markers” for navigation or perhaps somewhere that may do a lot of harm to Great Britain if they were destroyed. The nearest that I could get to your Newport Bridge ir the Transporter bridge - and then only from water level.
Look at:- View: GB 3, BB 6, Nr. 33: Transporter-Brucke uber den River Tees, England. - David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

For more pictures of UK, look at David Rumsey maps and search “Oberkommando”

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Yes , at the time , the transporter bridge would have been a great victim for Germany :frowning:

Well composed pic of a well engineered bridge. As an occasional user of Luminar 4 I’m not too sure about that choice of sky - it’s certainly different!

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Nice photo, but it may be hard for people unfamiliar with the bridge to get a sense of scale - it is an absolute beast!

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Thanks , I guess I was looking for a fantasy theme more than anything , I’m tempted to get a canvas done of it but I’m not sure :thinking:

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