News From Drone User Magazine

Copied from an email:

Big changes

It’s with great sadness that we announce the sudden passing of our webmaster and very close friend, Tony Wright. We will miss him dearly

So how does that affect Drone User Magazine?

Tony was responsible for managing our online presence and his passing has caused us a few issues. As a result, we have temporarily changed our business model

We have currently made our magazines free to read at

We hope that our paid subscribers will understand and not have a problem with that

We expect a lot of new readers which is a good thing, however, it does mean that the income from the magazine has now gone

As such, we have set up a donate page on the website and hope that our new readers will make a donation, however small so that we can continue to produce the magaine


Saw that this morning as well. Difficult to see it surviving on a donations model.