Nice day to be rescued

Don’t forget the HD button.


Theres something abit screamish about the size of that platform :see_no_evil:

I would love the opertunity to go up on one though!

There not much fun when its icy, towers are only babies tho at 36meters. Im normally on the 80 meter Vestas.

Can you feel it swaying in the wind?

Ye the little ones do sway a lot.

You lot are bloody insane :rofl:

What’s happening here though? I’m not sure what I’m looking at?

You mentioned training, is this a rescue simulation from the top of the tower for some reason?

Either way… it’s about 35m too high for me :smiley:

Ye so in the event of injury or cardiac arrest it’s important that all engineers are trained and able to get a colleagues down.

999 services aren’t allowed to climb structures due to rope access qualifications and the large amount of cost involved.

We work closely with them (mainly fire service) in rescuing people that have become stuck or trapped in unusually high places.

Supporting the casualty and lower safely to the ground to allow the professionals to take over.

Can be quite interesting to be called out to resuce people from some really odd places.

Before you ask my worst case was a guy that had caught his arm in the rotating high-speed shaft and degloved his arm. He lost a lot of blood and was in a bad way but we got him down and lives to tell the tail.

Bit of info if your interested.

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Bloody hell…

Sounds like a great job mate!

I’d imagine no two days are ever the same either.

Nice one :+1:

Ye I enjoy it, mainly the operations and maintenance side of the turbines. Rescue 3 can be very demanding. All in all it pays for the drones and bills.