Night Hyperlapse M2P practise

Just a very short clip, more of a practice for the real thing. I wanted to play around with how to edit them in LR and add them as a movie in Davinci. Hoping to get tomorrow’s sunrise if full.

this clip:
220 Photos
2 second duration


Looks great. Never tried it yet. What was actual time to record that 8 seconds? Will defo have a go :+1:

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Thanks. :+1:

Flight time was about 10-15 mins by the time I’d set it up. That’s the only trouble with time-lapse/hyperlapse they take ages for not alot in return.

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Hyperlapse Badge awarded.


Dave, thank you :blush: made my night :crescent_moon: :kissing_heart:


Looks ace. I want to try it.

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Came out great Steve :+1:t2: Did you get the sunrise you were after? :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Thanks mate, unfortunately not, was gusting 36MPH this morning and the drone in hyperlapse mode only moves at 2MPH thought it would be fighting it to much and make the footage really bumpy :pensive:

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Ah thats a shame mate hopefully you can get it soon :crossed_fingers:t2: will be looking forward to it :+1:t2:

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