Night shoot calton hill edinburgh mini 3 pro

Out up at calton hill again and the Scottish office Edinburgh, night flying with the mini 3 pro taking some photo, using different settings ie changing iso 100, up to 200, and 400 iso.


the last photo with the stars and stripes is of Consulate General of the United States in Edinburgh.

Very nice.
Have done a few flights from there as live locally but it can be busy with tourists!
It was a bit scary at night though…

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A very nice capture.

Surprised you didn’t get Police Scotland roll up! :upside_down_face:


I was referring to the Consulate in particular, not your other Edinburgh shots. Nothing illegal about it but I guess the Consulate doesn’t have a maintained police presence.

If you look closely there is a car parked in between the bollards and the only way to get a car in there is to drive on the pavement yes it has diplomatic plates lol.oh and it’s not illegal to fly a drone there.and if it was trust me there would be ECM there but there’s there is no signage there to say so.

Very nice set of images

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Thank you