Night time 360 panoramic

I thought I’d test my Air 2S at night with a 360 as I thought it would be very difficult for the drone to handle and I wasn’t expecting good results at all. It was about 20 minutes after dusk and by golly it came out way better than I ever imagined! The quality seems a little reduced on here so feel free to go the the original Kuula version and take a proper look.

A day one too for good measure and to scope out the area beforehand.

I’ll defo be doing more of these!



That’s very effective well done.

I did much the same after getting my MA2. Very impressed with its behaviour - this time in full night mode

@macspite this is most excellent. Love it.

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Hi there, nice 360 shots. Is Kuula free to use or do you need a paid subscription to share 360 photos with others? Many thanks

Hi Lee.

Thank you. I use the free version which actually allows quite a lot considering it’s free. Give it a try.

There are paid for subscription which you can use if you ever need to.

If you need any help do let me know.


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Ah, now I tried the free version yesterday. It seemed to limit to 6 shots and only produced a sphere/tiny world.
I have obviously missed something so will lok out posting on this forum and YouTube for guidance.

@KevLincoln Hi,

I just went to pricing and this is what it says. So 100 uploads a month for the free version.

I didn’t choose anything else so I’m not sure what you did, sorry. I hope that helps a bit.


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You’re probably trying to create a tour which limits to 6 shots on the free account.

Just upload your pano as a ‘single image’ (limit on those is 100 per month)

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