Night time Harwell church

Shooting in the dark has always been a challenge for me, with exposure without noise a particular issue. Each year the village church puts lights on top of the tower and I’ve been bombarded with requests from villagers to capture them so I’ve given it another go…


Very atmospheric. The villagers will be happy with that :+1:


Nice vid Lee :+1:t2: I agree with Ned very atmospheric

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Nice vid, and nice to know the villagers want you to film the church, they must be a nice friendly bunch, not like those at Gatwick Airport the other year. Lol

I’m very lucky but it’s taken some work. At the start of lockdown I shared some pics and video on our community Facebook page for those that couldn’t get out. That led to some stuff for the pub and some of the sports clubs to help them. After that people were pretty accepting of seeing me buzzing around. Only one person complained and I didn’t have to say a word as everyone else shot them down :blush:. I’ve since produced a village Christmas card and helped the school with the kids project on birds of prey (showing how they see the area).

Honestly, a bit of sharing and engagement go a long way in breaking down misconceptions about UAVs

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I agree, I’ve had the same experience with people. Once they’ve seen it up close and chatted about it, they are ok with it and several have bought there own. As one gentleman, many years ago once said to me. ‘No matter what you do, with the very best intentions in the world, there’ll always be someone against you, and when you dig deeper, they are not against you, they are for themselves’