Night time shot from East Yorkshire

Thought I would have a go at a night shot and put them through Lightbox as the sky was so moody!


Nice! Do you shoot raw?

Yes, I thought I would try it as @callum advised and so far so good.

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Oh ok I think I saw that so was this photo originally a DNG?

yes I changed the settings in the app, once I remembered how!

Haha yes I found out that after updates camera settings and stuff can default so I also had to rack my brains

A few more as the sun went down, with a quick auto tweak in the trail version of Lightroom.


Nice shots. Getting used to the new bird?

Here’s 2 from tonight taken at Sunk Island
, E Yorks


Yes the flying is getting easier, getting the great shots will be the biggest challenge after seeing some great ones on here. And then theres the fabulous videos, a lot to learn!!!