Nikon lense advice please

I have my old trusty Nikon D80 with aAF-S DX 18-135 mm Lens Kit.

The lense has got 3 small spots of mold within the lense. I only use it for personal use not professional so I have always just ignored it. Now I would like to at least try and clear the lense and improve my pics.

If anyone has ever done this before any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Depends how deep inside the elements the fungus is. You can use chemicals to clean if you are confident to dismantle the lens yourself, plenty of advice on google for that. At the very least you should expose the lens to sunlight often (or a UV lamp) as UV will kill off the fungus but obviously won’t clean it, although those spots on your images are easily fixed in photoshop or similar.

Don’t forget to remove your UV filter if you have one on the lens when giving it the sunlight treatment.


Thanks for the reply, I feel fairly confident I can take the lens apart.

It’s an old piece of kit but it has served me well for years and I cannot fault it other than the mould spores which now that you have mentioned about using sunlight or UV (which I didn’t know) it makes sense as it’s generally kept in my cupboard or the case of my inspire (fits perfectly in the secondary controller slot) and it has a UV filter so the lens is rarely exposed to sunlight.

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Try this, :+1:t2:

I bought the next one up with various tips, sorry linked wrong one.
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Thanks, I will have a look at this. I was looking at the lens and thought I may have to go in from the opposite end as there is small Philips screws at that end. It would be far easier to go from the lens end!

Hi just a thought and you have probably already thought of this but have you tried another lens to see if it is the sensor that is dirty as I would have thought that the camera would have focused through spots on the lens.

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The mold spores are visible inside the lense. I believe nikon has a function to expose the sensor so it can then be cleaned. Definitely worth a try. Thanks for the advice!

I am big Nikon user and I am absolutely sure you have a dirty sensor, The photos you have shown with consistent spots are typical of a dirty sensor, mould in the lens is not seen in this way on the image, it usually materialise as aberrations or softness in the image. My experience with Nikon’s is they require regular sensor cleans particularly if you change lenses frequently.Most good camera shops will do a sensor clean at a reasonable cost
Hope this is of some help.

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It definitely is thanks, I will have a look at it tomorrow. :ok_hand::+1: