No Drone Police but what about some guidance?

Apologies if you think this breaks the rules but…
I cannot help wondering if some new members appreciate the potential consequences of operating outside the provisions of the Air Navigation Order (ANO).
Do they even know it exists?
Would it not be helpful for this information to be readily accessible on the site - or perhaps it is an I haven’t found it?
There is a lot of information in the Drone Code but how widely is it read?
According to the ANO A person must not recklessly or negligently cause or permit an aircraft to endanger any person or property.
The risk of a fine of £2,500 and a prison sentence is one I certainly do not want to take.

You could politely suggest they read the drone code, without policing them :slight_smile:

We link directly to the Drone Code, from the Drone Scene website:

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Every UAV pilot are responsible for their own actions, it is up to them to do their own research into the rules and regulations and keep themselves upto date with the ever changing information. This is why the forum has a no drone police rule in the first place. It’s not our job to make sure people follow the rules its the pilot in question.

All the information is readily available for everyone to read on the Internet if people choose not to educate themselves thats up to them and they will probably end up paying for it in the long run.


I’d hope most who on here and taken the time to look into things have read the drone code, registered with CAA etc… It’s the people who nip into Argos and half an hour later are in the air and not on here who probably need to be educated…


This :point_up:t2:


You do have a point Peter.
This is a growing forum / association. It could be a good idea if the main forum (not dronescene) had a sticky to the rules. If anything, to educate newcomers. :man_shrugging:


We’ve added a link to the Drone Code to the forum main menu.


How about the people who fly at 400 metres and proudly boast of their exploits on the forum?

They know the rules. As do the people doing 40mph in a 30mph, 85mph on a motorway, and hogging middle lanes… (Actually those last guys are just selfish entitled idiots).

The guys you mentioned know the rules, and took a calculated risk… Would I share breaking the rules on a public forum? Would I heck, but this is a no police zone… I just don’t want a knock from the CAA :wink: As I’d never share myself going 100mph on the motorway (though seriously I’ve never done 100 on a motorway!)


How about the large majority who lose VLOS to look at the controller.

Let he is without sin cast the first stone


@ramblingsheep TBH I have found the quickest way to disengage folks and to prevent them from learning is to try and dictate to them or police them. If discussions over rule breaking start then inevitably they get heated, which can ruin a forum / social media group and does no-one any favours.

Far better to be adults, to encourage folks learn the rules and comply with them and to educate folks that aren’t aware rather than the forum descending into a playground brawl…

I love this forum, I think they have the correct balance of helpful folks and acknowledhging the rules and regs without becoming overly anal about it… I have seen some groups on FB torn apart by folks acting as Drone Police, and it does no-one any good in the long run…


Hmmm, I posted a video of a flight over my local neighbourhood, on a local Facebook group. All was well for about half an hour. Got a few likes and positive comments. Then it all started going downhill very fast ( ie, dropped off a cliff fast ) when someone said “ Criminals can see what we’ve got in our back gardens ( blue wheelie bin, a rusty old bike and a ten yr old trampoline, I guess) . Someone jumped on this with, “ I didn’t give you permission to fly over my garden at 100m and invade my privacy”. Next thing, a neighbour is quoting the rules for over 250gm drones and everyone else is accepting what they say as gospel.
No good pointing out that the 50m separation doesn’t apply to sub 250gm drones. “ Invasion of privacy” etc, etc. I asked them to go shopping in town for an hour and report back on how many times they’ve been filmed covertly, without their permission. Someone even said “ What if you inadvertently, or on purpose, filmed young children “ :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: Honestly if people don’t want nor accept educating, you can’t educate these narrow minded individuals.


Covert filming… You’re going down the realms of RIPA and I’d be very surprised if many shopping towns gain the permission under the current legislation to carry this out for an extremely valid reason.

Probably zero

You’ll find them days went about 10 years ago

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That’s the voice of an NVQ assessor!

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I suspect many members of the public would not recognise a lot of the newer PTZ/dome cameras that are around now. Most will spot the old style boxy cameras, but I suspect they are blissfully unaware of actually how many cameras they are being ‘seen’ by on a daily basis.


Although Councils can under extreme circumstances, they still have to justify it under the RIPA legislation.

Yes, guilty as charged… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Although I am now out of the NVQ Assessing as new Apprenticeship Standards don’t include an NVQ, and as I am on secondment unntil the end of July as National Lead Apprenticeship Coach they are paying me to coach individuals within the larger Apprenticeship Team, produce and deliver CPD training for 2 sessions of CPD a week and to deliver an ALS Support funding review and new processes that will enable us to claim the ALS funding that we havent been doing - a total of several hundred K of funding that we are entitled to and doing the work for… All exciting times…

Been there, got the t shirt etc!
Everything from L2 knuckle draggers to L6 Design apprentices!
Could be the best job in the world or the worst.
Luckily now retired, no driving round the country, just to be told “he’s not in today”, or some other crap excuse!

Done 10 years teaching Cycle Mechanics to do their job, tbh I loved it, got paid to go into Bike shops and talk bikes with decent folks who are into bikes, engaging them was not easy… Now I have to do some real work for a change, but home based so not too bad tbh :slight_smile:

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