No fly zones - east anglia


I’ve just been looking at drone assist and it looks like most of east anglia is a temporary no fly zone.

The two images below show this. It looks like it last until November and has been operational since June, but I’ve only just seen this.

Is this right and what is a FL125? Not sure if that’s a maximum height or if flying at any height is a no no. I’ve tried googling, but haven’t had any luck.

I don’t suppose anyone could shed any light please?

“This piece of airspace is effective above FL125”
… means it’s effective above 12,500ft on the standard pressure setting. *
So way above the height you’ll be reaching.

*Standard Pressure setting is for an altimeter that has its pressure setting @ 1013.2 millibars.
Used by aircraft to maintain vertical separation irrespective of location or air pressuref

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I see thanks - so it’s in hecto-feet, got it.

That makes sense, although why they have a huge red warning for it at 12500ft for drones, seems a bit silly.

Learn something new everyday though, thanks again :grinning::+1:


Effectively it’s not in any feet … it’s a Flight Level.
It’s when an altimeter displays 12,500ft with that pressure setting … but you couldn’t measure that distance in feet from anywhere that exists in the real world.

Depending on the atmospheric pressure at any one time, FL125 can be at a different height above any particular point.

Ok thanks, as long as I’m safe to fly, appreciate the info :+1:

I’m sure the daily mail will be reporting that I’m over 12500 ft, but guarantee I’ll stay below 400ft :grinning:

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Go into your settings on Drone assist, you might find that you’ve got the “upper airspace” warning selected. That could be why you are getting the warning for FL125.


Perfect, thanks Brian, sorted :+1: Must have accidentally knocked it on, but that clears that up.