No flying today, bloody weather!




Get your batteries charging!


100% Zero wind speed here! - However it’s super foggy!


Fog can be good! :wink:


It would be easy for people to get their ‘In The Clouds’ badge today!


I just tried a flight in the fog - that’s a big Nope from me! - Which is super annoying as the wind conditions are the best I’ve ever experienced.
Having FPV-assisted flight to refer to is FAR safer than LOS alone - IMHO
Visibility < 100m and it came back soaking wet!
I’ve just spent 20 minutes practising lazy 8’s and banked turns :wink:
The sensors handled the fog with no issues though :+1:

(Also had two walk-ups from the GP - no issues at all - I did the standard Q&A :wink: )
And then went on to explain how safe they are and how the built-in restrictions keep everybody safe and you shouldn’t always believe the news :+1:


It would have been crystal clear above the fog! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Managed to get out before sunrise this morning, was bloomin cold but it wasn’t raining :grinning:


Yes - indeed - there’s a lot of wind about - 70mph gusts being indicated for next Friday @ Land’s End …

But in between the weather systems there are some calm periods forecast to get out and grab some Pano Challenge and Winter Treasure Hunt pics/videos!!

Some night flying Monday evening?

And perhaps some daytime flying Wednesday afternoon?


Yesterday was fun trying to keep the lorry rubber side down crossing the Severn bridge especially, it’s quite a high bugger :grin:


So frustrated as a newbie with the weather.

Other circumstances keeping me from doing any decent flights / practising too. My average flight times are abismal. Im grabbing 5-10 mins whenever I can.

Night flights are good to an extent but I keep my M2P on my desk at work to remind me what I’ll be doing when I grab a mo! :+1:


patience is sometime a virtue, I remember with my first Phantom, that it was weeks before I got a real flight in.
Fly when you get the chance, but fly with care and do not do anything silly, or you will regret it!.
I have learnt that taking the drone out with me in the car (most of the time) can be an advantage in being able to get the bird up within only a minute or two, and has been a definite advantage and turned up some surprising photos.
It’s not a lot of good stuck on your desk at work !.


Indeed, agree. patience is the key!. Im off work from 21st Dec to 3rd of Jan so hoping to get some decent flying in then. :crossed_fingers:

I work from home full time so it being on my desk just reminds to take my M2P wherever I go, because you just never know!! :smile:


Today is already far less windy than forecast …

Even the weather is looking more friendly …

Wind/weather both looking excellent for some evening night flying!


Hoping to get out and up in the air tonight. Cold but calm so far today, even the Sun had a go earlier. :+1:


Extremely calm here tonight - bit too late though :wink:

In fact, I’m pretty sure I heard a Squirrel fart outside - it’s that still and quiet!


These are actual airport (weather buoy) reports @ around 21:00.



Too late?

Sounds more like the ideal time to grab a night time pano for the 2018 Pano Challenge :+1:t2:


Still pretty good, and FAR better than forecast, in most places this morning, too!


Still plenty of scope for some evening night shots!