No flying today, bloody weather!


Was planning for an early morning (and chilly!) sortie down to Southsea in the morning … but they’ve just brought that very low wind speed forwards and into darkness. #Poo!



Weather related … how the hell does a truck like that manage such incredulous stupidity?


At least that section won’t need gritted for a while


Bikers follow the “Shiny side up” rule.

Might have to let gritter drivers share our mantra now :rofl:


Hating this weather. Really want to get back out flying my spark. Roll on longer warmer days. No good flying in the house. Kids are scared of it. :joy:


unfortunately patience is a virtue with flying drones.
sooth your wary brow by trawling Youtube and looking at all the wonderful drone videos that are on there.
Then after about an hour you are ready to commit “harry carry” due to being even more depressed !!.
Seriously, the better weather is to come, long evenings, early mornings to be able to capture those wonderful sunrises of our beautiful country.
do not despair !


I’ve been watching videos and it’s like you said, made me feel even worse. Just feel like getting it out of storage and just sending it up just for the sake of it. I know its dark but sod it. :grin:


you’d be sick if the wind caught it and caused a fly away, and then you would be even more pissed !!


But you could go for the speed king badge…
just saying


I treasure my Drones (all of them) not to try anything so stupid as that Jeff !
BUT, if the snow comes, anything is possible !


Reminds me of that song in Monty Pythons Meaning Of Life
“Every drone is sacred”


Anyone planning on flying their drones tomorrow? Looks like it’ll be snowing all night.


Meeee!, pissed off with being couped up !!, off to the beach !
Cossie at the ready ! (yeah, right!)
Got to drop the wife off near the coast, thought !! i’d make a day of it.
Beside "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life "
3 drones, charged and ready !


Thinking of taking mine In to work with me to maybe have a quick go during my break, working in quiet area Hooe fully with some snow.


Disappointing amount of snow where I am :frowning:


But Tassy I thought from all the media coverage the US was covered in a blanket of snow and a deep freeze :snowman::snowflake::snowflake::snowflake::snowman:

Never trust the media


Got to the Coast near me (Mundesley)
Raining, Cold, No Snow, tide was out a fairly long way.
Done an about turn and came home!
Now depressed, will try again after lunch


Sprout season ….



Bloody weather :frowning_face:


I’ve not been out with my drones since New Year’s Eve… I’m feeling really deprived.