No flying today, bloody weather!


It’s conspiracy theory time … !!!

Blue skies? :heavy_check_mark: (OK …some cloud … but I can see blue!) :+1:
Billiant sunshine? :heavy_check_mark: (Between the clouds!) :+1:
Free time? :heavy_check_mark: :+1:
Effin’ windy? :heavy_multiplication_x: … which is :+1:
Car battery too dead to start car! :heavy_check_mark::angry:
Battery charger working fine? :heavy_multiplication_x: :rage:

Anyone local have a spare rectifier for a Maypole 730 battery charger … by any chance … ???


And for for some of us

Work? :heavy_check_mark: which is :-1:


If DJI wanted to impress, a drone that I could fly for 3 hrs, whilst sat in my living room with the RC connected to the TV aerial, 50 mile range, waterproof, a screen of air to keep rain off the lens, in these conditions (it’s less “light rain”, more “heavy and horizontal”!) … for the price of the Air … and my order would have been placed, already! :wink:


Would need to be good in wind too - sort of like a Sea King Would probably suffice today :dash:


… probably included the 44mph wind? :wink:


Trying to not get too excited!



Bloody weather app on my phone shows me a different report every time I look at it!


Mine too! And it probably won’t resemble that when the time comes.
Sometimes clutching at straws is all we have to cheer us up!


Weather today - pefect for flying
Forecast tomorrow - perfect for flying
Forecast for the weekend - crap !


Was raining all day here, today. :frowning:


North West… the most AMAZING flying weather today. Not a cloud in the sky, not a whisp of a breeze, temp hit 17C :sun_with_face:

Where was I?

Stuck at work all day :cry:


Snap ! And guess what, yep rain tomorrow, ffs…


Might need a new thread …
“Excellent Flying Conditions Scuppered by Annoying Family Emergency Resulting in 400 Mile Drive”.


Yup, sure enough, now I’m at home all weekend it’s pissing down :cry:

Uh-oh! Hope everyone is alright mate :+1:


Yeah. Only car related. My Shogun and car trailer were needed up in the wilds of Sheffield for a car recovery.
Nice driving weather tho … pfttt! :wink:


Perfect (chilly) weather. :heavy_check_mark:

Frigging car tyre puncture! :heavy_check_mark:


I’m not a superstitious person, but you Dave… you’re jinxed :ghost:


Luckily I did get you fly after the puncture repair. :+1:


This says all one needs to know about today’s weather. :-/


Bloody hell, how small is that drone!??