No flying today, bloody weather!


Stand by your drones! … and your Factor 60 SPF! :stuck_out_tongue:

… even in Wigan! :wink:


Overcast, rain and just plain miserable here.

It only seems to be nice the days I’m working. Hoping for a decent day before I go back Tuesday.

Binge watching Outlander, didnt fancy it but its really good.
Only on season 1 so no spoilers please.


Central southern UK (Southampton) looking good for the next three days.

What can possibly go wrong … :stuck_out_tongue:

(PS: I have zero faith in weather forecasts!)


I was out in Verwood today with the Mavic Pro and Disco, it was so lovely and calm, the flights were so smooth. Really looking forward to this weekend.


Brilliant weather … for completing the fence painting and a couple of other outdoor tasks, whilst popping into the house every few minutes to keep track of #MotoGP from Jerez and #WEC from Spa!


I FLEW!!! Yes … I really flew!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


The law of the interwebs clearly states:

Photos, or it didn’t happen



I don’t take photos in my garden! :wink:


Spose we can let you off then :slight_smile:


What’s with all the wind this weekend?!

It’s been blowing a bloody gale all day yesterday and today… and the sun is still shining…!


The two are not related. That’s what. :wink:


Anyway … Wind?

I’m in F1 mode for a while. :-/


Glad you mentioned the F1. Forgot all about it!!


Had intended to be at Silverstone, today, for World Rallycross … but the forecasts were dire! Needless to say Silverstone is basking in sunshine at the moment!


That looks fun! #Not


Seems like a good (/necessary ?) time to reawaken this thread.
Last post was 31st May! Blimey!

Anyway …. :frowning:


Weather finally turning for you Dave? What a shame… :rofl:


First day in ages I’ve not mooched about the house in just a pair of shorts!
It’s gone 13:00 and not reached 19C!


Had to wear a jumper for night shift last night, about 9 degrees outside.

It’s about 15 here at moment but I’ve got fence post holes to dig so not complaining.


Fence @ 12m thru rain ….
(Not a drone shot!)

Thunder and lightning, now … :frowning: