No flying today, bloody weather!


Showing our age now, before “Smart”
Thanks for that, am on it now.


The mobile site also has airport current weather.
Seeing as forecasts are iffy at best, knowing what’s really happening is very useful. :wink:

I say “current” … “recent” is a better term. It’s extracted from TAFs, so usually up to about 45mins ago.


Nice and bright out of the window here in West Yorks, but no chance of a fly.


I always use the forecast data in conjunction with nearest airport recent info.
Luckily (for weather info only!) I live less than 750m from the Southampton Airport weather station.


Am I ok to park the car next time I am off on a cruise. :joy::joy::joy:


I don’t have space for my old car. It’s in the back garden the wrong side of the fence. :frowning:


Worth a try.:joy:


Bloody hell, wind really picking up now!


Probably your closest airport …


All these fancy apps

I use the old fashioned spaniel ears as a judge of suitability to fly.

Today is a no fly day



Just a website. :wink:


Given up on them, the amount of times I’ve tried to plan around them (especially in the UK).

Facebook is the best weather app there is. ‘Oh look its xxxx outside’ cluttering up my newsfeed ;o)


Airport actuals are accurate. Best there is.


My local


Just found this, I quite like it


Similar to Ventusky

Edit: I like that in Ventusky you can get winds and temperatuires for different altitudes.

Further edit: What REALLY annoys me about Ventusky is that everything is free on the Web version … and you have to pay for nearly all of it in their app. #Grrr


Same here in Essex… only chance I’ve got to fly this week and it’s blowing a gale…

Does give me time to edit and post vid though…


Wind starting to calm a bit here.

Garden is a state, branches everywhere, and phone line out of action.


I’d be really worried if my phone line was out of action from wind.

It’s underground! :wink:


I hear there’s a lot more going on underground than joe public gets to hear…:dizzy_face: