No flying today, bloody weather!


I’ve got stones in my pocket so I’m :sunglasses:


Looks to be the turn of Northern England and NW/N Midlands today. This lot is headed north-easterly!

One lot of heavy showers seems to have already gone through the Midlands.



Yesterday’s flight was definitely a bit scary in the wind


Love the tentative approach to the trees second time around. :rofl: :+1:


What do you reckon your fastest speed has been?


Not sure mate I reckon between 50 and 60 but that’s just guessing :thinking:


Need to mount a mini-GPS tracker on it. :wink:


Now there’s an idea


There’s a Breaking the speed limit leader board waiting for you to take top spot, perhaps. :wink:


Oh nice, I’ll have to get a GPS tracker like you said, would definitely be interesting to see the results


did you use go 4 app if so check your stats for the flight should say max speed @mark


Who was that addressed to?


is that better…


I just wondered, because …
a) look at the video, it’s obviously a racing drone, not a DJI, drone, and
b) if you read the conversation we were talking about adding a gps to it to find out the speed.
So, how would the Go4 app come into play and provide the speed?


It might be the perspective but aren’t you a bit low with that.
I would hate to be stood between the trees and that come flying at me.


That’s why I had 2 spotters with me mate :+1:t3:

Oh and yeah it’s a race drone so no go 4 app


Whoops what a gonk I am
Looks good fun


Definitely gets the heart rate going bud :slightly_smiling_face:


I need to locate someone with a racing drone near me (Southampton). Would love to see them flying live!


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