No flying today, bloody weather!


Meh - no night flying, then …. :frowning:



Nope same here but it may be bean related


Jesus!, when will this wind die down !
It’s been horrendous here for 3 days now !!.
Getting “Drone Withdrawal Symptoms”
Must get out next week !


Yup! That’s breezy! :wink:


Well,was hoping to my MP2 up but looks like no chance this weekend,bloody weather!:cry:



Well, around here, hopefully, on Thursday morning! :+1:

I’m liking the 100% probability.

Not that I believe weather forecasts, as you’ll all know by now. :rofl:


Well, I called that one correctly.

Just a shame I’m not able to make good use of it.


Antonio bay springs to mind


Weather has not been the problem today. It’s been like this since sunrise.
Living in an NFZ … and some other issues have been a problem, though.


People in the North of England/UK …. if you see a Mavic Pro scooting past you, at the speed of light, over the next 2 days …. it just might be mine! :rofl:


Yep I will go for the land speed record and fly away badges


I can probably get the Long Haul Flyer badge in one flight! …. of 15 minutes duration! :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s that time of year when I need to dig out my gloves again.

First 0°C of the autumn!

In fact - Southampton is officially the coldest place in the UK atm!



That’s karma for you


I’ll have a lifetime’s worth of karma when I win this evening! :wink:





OK - who switched the sun off early!?


er?, sorry about that Dave, er?, can ya come back in March and I will switch it back on for ya !:sun_with_face:


My roof-top anemometer under-reads …. so an indicated gust of 28mph is all I need to know! :frowning_face:


Got out for a quick flight yesterday - outward was fine, but coming back into that headwind took battery down from 85% to less than 50%! I’ll watch out for that next time.