No limit drones

I’ve downloaded the app and got the activation key. Now what do I do. In need of help if anyone has used this app.

There was some chat about it recently here : NoLimitDronez worth the £££?

No personal experience, I’m afraid, I went the basic Dumldore route.

Some chat about that here : Downgrading mavic pro platinum

This massively caught me out too!

You have to power up the drone and connect via USB before you can do anything in the NLD app :blush:

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I’ve used it, cant remember much of it but ill try and help.

So you have downloaded the desktop app to your PC or mac?

Also clean install of DJI Assistant 2 version 1.1.2 from here

Came up somthing about wrong board sn

Download to pc. Run it and it’s says start dji assistantalising. Then it connects but carnt find firmware

Bloody phone and big fingers

Will try again tomorrow

I had the exact same problem. I emailed them but got it going before they replied. Ill try and find the email, jog my memory.

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Are you trying to mod two different drones? I’m pretty sure your licence key is attached to the (first) drone serial number.

Sorry mate, getting mixed up, I did have that problem but contacted them about something else so email didn’t help.

I remember getting the board serial issue but think it just started working. I think at one point as well I had to power mavic off and on while connected to PC to get it to connect.

Is it DJI assistant that says cant find firmware? Or NLD?

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The only hiccup I have was firmware slow stuttering and getting not responding but it’s patience needed which I don’t have lol, because of this I sussed that all them problems were erased when I hotspot from laptop to my phone 4g instead of using my broadband which is strange being 75mb speeds.


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No. Only one drone. Will try again tomorrow

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Dji assistant

If I remember correctly, because its an old version of assistant it wont find any firmware as the links were removed.
Assistant 2 just needs to run in background, everything is done in NLD.

If you tried playing with DJI assistant 2 then I suggest clean reinstall and open the 2 apps minimise assistant 2 and only work with NLD program, wrong board error could be that your not running in administrator mode.

Make sure you copied right activation key from your PayPal receipt or email.

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Do I have to log into dji assistant?

I’ve got a little further. I changed the max accent and decent speed. Click OK and it came up done with errors. Tried it in the garden and it seems a lot faster. Yteid rolling back the firmware but the program keeps freezing. Also it still won’t remove max height or NFZ.

No just start it up and leave it running in background the NLD will do everything.