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ive recently started using the NLD Modder and modded DJI Go app.

Does anyone here use it, and maybe can answer a couple of questions?

My main reason for using it was to enable FCC mode. A place where I regularly fly has a big black spot for reception, with FCC mode on, its all sorted, so it works well. Also not having all my flight logs sent to DJI is a bonus as thats too much big brother for me.

I run firmware .700 as seems to be recommended, along with 4.1.2 of the go app.
I use Litchi for waypoint missions…does anyone know if this will also run in FCC mode, or will the mavic pro revert back to non FCC?

Also is there a way around being able to live stream to either youtube or facebook with the modded app? Both error when trying to log in with either litchi or go…NLD supports answer was pretty crap when I asked…solution is to use the stock app and give all my flight data to DJI!!

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I did use NLD for a short period but ended up moving to mixed modules and Deejayeye mod app.

I’ve read loads of conflicting information about Litchi and FCC.

The way I’ve chosen to understand it, and this is untested so may be complete bollocks.

If you start NLD first the aircraft will enter FCC mode, you can then run Litchi.

If you start Litchi before NLD it will revert to CE.

The way I understand it is it only checks region on start-up and if you have no device connected it remains on previous config.

That’s just the way I’ve chosen to understand it so interested to hear if anyone knows otherwise.

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Thanks Callum

That sort of makes sense.
Do you know if litchi creates a log file to show fcc mode?
I found the DJI equivalent log… Maybe litchi has one too?

I have no idea mate, sorry.

Do you have any more info on the DJI log? Was not aware of that one.

No worries…

THE DJI one is here…(copied from response from NLD support)

On your on the phone/tablet you have been flying with. there is a log file in either
(or similar) on your device.
Look for a line that says: “E: init not ru ac=US”

In the log file you can clearly see if your country is set to US. That means it is in FCC mode.

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You can also try fcc boost editing a file on your phone/tablet…ive not tried it yet as it might cook your controller…

It’s configured from the /DJI/og_settings/datalink.settings.json (in your Android filesystem), no more cryptic .DJI.config. Just edit the file with a text editor, find the variable called “boost” and set this to True to enable the 1.5W boost feature to get even more range than FCC mode. Boost tested and working on Mavic, and 32 channel tested on P4P. NOTE! This feature runs the RF chips at their max voltages and as such generates a LOT more heat. Its not advisable to use this mode in very hot climates as the small internal cooling fan may not be able to cope with the extra heat. Run this boost mode at your own risk._

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Thanks Andy, I’ll take a look at this.

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Shame that boost value isn’t a number that you could edit to say 0.9w rather than running 1.5w flat out.

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