No maps :(

Can anyone help me understand why I have just a grey box where my map should be?

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Android/iOS? Versions?

You weren’t in Aeroplane mode?

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Android, version 7 on tablet, phone is 6, same issue on both

Not in airplane mode.

I just spotted that when I start go4, it has an error…

init map error usage_expired

The grey map box says google in the bottom corner

go 4 version 4.1.3 (NLD) :slight_smile: on tablet
go 4 version 4.1.3 from over a year ago, on the phone.

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And the maps were there last time out?

I am embarrassed to say that I haven’t flown for quite some time (months) but yes…this is the first time I’ve not had maps…


Sounds like the Google API key has expired or something.

I’d maybe update to the latest NLD app.

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hmmm…I don’t have NLD (maybe I should get it)…the apk was supplied by a very helpful member on here

Confirmed re keys having expired Bryan, there was something about this on Slack the other day.


Ah sorry, misread, so it’s not NLD.

You can add your own Google API key using certain cloning apps.

I did it with one of my GO4 but for the life of me can’t remember what app I used.

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Out of interest, what mapping provider are DJI using in the most recent GO4 apps?

I’m not recent - 4.2.21 I think - but Here Maps were working last evening.

Edit : That phone is on 4.2.16 and had Here Maps OK … unless it was using cache?

Ignore me. It MUST have been cache …. I was in Aeroplane mode! :rofl:

Sorry, to be clear, the apk I’m using on my tablet WAS created with NLD, just not by me :slight_smile:

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So If I buy NLD and create my own apk using an original apk, will my maps come back or am I misunderstanding the problem?

Reading this it seems that go4 should have reverted to using google…indeed, my grey box does say google in the bottom…just no maps :frowning:

Not yet, the current version of NLD still uses the expired keys mate.

At a guess? That Google Maps key has expired too…

I suppose you could buy NLD now, roll a version with a working Google Maps key in it, then when NLD release their next version you’ll be eligible for a free (lifetime) upgrade.

Depends how desperate you are for maps?

I guess I’ll wait for them to release a new NLD. Not that desperate yet. And I have NO idea how to ‘roll my own’ with a working key in it :blush:

At least I now know it’s not ‘broken’ as such.

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