No talking trick tutorials

I’m really finding this series of tutorials useful. Repetition repetition repetition…


Wow that looks like exactly what I need. Cheers. Simple short, concise! :slight_smile:

I’ve heard of Split S’s but didn’t know what they were, lol now can see em (have seen em just didn’t know the name!), and hopefully carry them out!

There’s other tricks too, graded from beginner to advanced. But the split s just looks really nice I always think

Yeah looking through them! Something to try tonight on the sim :slight_smile:

So that’s what a split-s is. Next on the list: “What’s a ‘Matty Flip’?” :grin:

And being a Mode 3 person I now understand the pain of left-handed guitarists reading chord diagrams and tablature. :slight_smile:

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Haha. Glad I’m “standard”. Though in computer games I use inverted view (mainly due to flight Sims as a kid). Anyone who controls hates it!

I can’t see why any sane person would not use inverted-Y. From my step-son on WhatsApp:


Though you use Mode 3… Though I have no idea what changes with that one!

Ahh h just switched sticks. Fair enuf

It’s basically like any console FPS controller. Left stick is fwd/back and strafe left/right, right stick is up/down and rotate. The only thing that took me a while to get used to was up on the throttle makes the drone climb, which makes logical sense but conflicts with my “inverted Y” sensibilities.

Edit: I did try “regular” sticks in the early days but it just wasn’t working for me.

You play FPS games with a controller? Mouse and Keyboard all the way! I have M+K connected up to me XBox. I did try for a while, but…

I gave up on the PC upgrade treadmill around 2000 with the PSOne. Took a while to get used to a controller but from then it went X-Box (Crystal), PS2, PS3, all exclusively with controllers.

Then about three years ago I decided to get back on PC. Possibly when Destiny 2 got released on PC and I wanted to get back to M+K.

There’s a PS4 in the house but I’ve never played it.

A Matty flip is a reverse power loop in essence but it doesnt really work like that…hard to explain…hard to understand from video…Effin hard to do, its pure muscle memory and timing if you dont have like a 50 degree tilt.

In essence. You flip backwards over a gap and fly backwards under the gap. Simple :grin:

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I always thought it more…you fly over the gap then drop down past it and catch yourself while shooting backwards under it with the right timing. Anyway its why my quads on the repair bench at the moment xD

Gettin dizzy thinkin about it

Try doing jacobs ladder if you want dizzy! Been practicing those all week, the walls are supposed to spin right?

Ah easy with a whoop in angle. For the racer guys I reckon. I really love the rewind though. Blows my cock

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Try it with a 5" in acro haha. Deffo only for racers really but then i have been going to a racing club so dive gates, jacobs ladders and corkscrews are now my life. The rewind is obscene.

Give your footage mate. Build the fpv guys confidence here. For inspiration.
There will be an FPV trick competition coming I’ve seen. Are you in?

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