No video feed on inspire 1 pro

I am just getting a blank screen where the video/camera feed should be.
i have tried both go app and a HDMI screen neither work. however the camera/gimbal functions as normal also i cant review pics it just shows a blank screen.
i am running the older version of the firmware…is this the reason? the go app prompts me to upgrade the firmware. I would prefer not to upgrade the firmware if possible.
why is the drone doing this?

Does it save video/photos to the SD card?

yes it still saves to the card…

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Then I’d guess there’s a high probability that there’s an issue with the transmitter in the Inspire.
Beyond that it will be impossible to determine the nature of the problem without someone that knows the circuitry testing it electrically … and that won’t be cheap.

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:scream::scream::scream: its a new drone !!!

i am running the controller at the newer firmware… could that be the issue?

Highly unlikely. My MP firmware is old and the phone with the current Go4 works with it perfectly.
Something as fundamental as the video transmission won’t change version to version, otherwise we’d have to always keep both in sync … and we don’t have to.

okay thanks.
does your go app prompt you to upgrade the firmware?

Constantly. But there are reasons I need to use the particular version the MP is running on.

prior to complete failure the video feed took some time to connect some times restarting the phone helped.
once i had got the camera feed it was never intermittent i.e it didn’t flicker or cut out etc…
is that a good sign?

It’s impossible to say.
It’s like going on a car forum and asking what’s causing a squeak in a car on right-hand bends.

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If you know someone with the same kit - you could pair controllers to the other Inspires and see if the problem stays with the Inspire or the RC.
That still won’t tell you what the problem is, only which part of the kit it’s in.

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good idea but i dont know anyone unfortunately…
is there an option to factory reset my drone… would this help?
is it worth reloading the firmware?

There will be a reset option - though I don’t know how on the Inspire. YouTube might be your best guide for that.
Would it help? Depends if that is the problem or not. Into "nothing ventured …. " territory. It won’t/shouldn’t make things any worse.

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ok will try…
one last point… might rolling back the controller firmware help? - so they are all running on the same age firmware?
thanks for all your help!

As I mentioned above, something as fundamental as the video feed is highly unlikely to be affected by differing versions of firmware. But not totally impossible.

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um the video feed signal indicator indicates strongest signal does this indicate it is not a transmitting error?

It indicates there’s a carrier signal - it doesn’t indicate if there is any video in the signal.

that makes sense… possible camera issue then?

No - because you said it’s saving video/pics to the SD card OK … which it wouldn’t be if the camera was the issue.

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