Node Petition - Unreasonable need to notify ATC



I just got this in from NODE, its about having to notify ATC if you are flying a <250g inside the new airport boundary extension. This will put massive admin onto ATC, great example of knee-jerk reaction by politicians, (must admit without much knee!!!).

Sign up to the Petition to the UK Government to Consider Applying the 250g Weight Threshold to the Extended Restriction Zone Around Airports

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Does this mean any SUA?
Since all model aircraft, helicopters, multi rotor are especially ‘Drones’ it means that you can’t build and fly a paper dart with your grandchildren in your garden without notifying ATC if you’re within the new 5Km restriction.

All manufacturers of flying toys will have to include the ‘Drone’ code leaflet with their products, an added expense. It’s obvious that the policy makers have never played with toys or have no children.

If I came up with an idea like that, my boss would demote me to operating a short handled broom …:dizzy_face:



As I said, it’s knee-jerk reaction, without much if any knee.

All over incidents that haven’t even been proved as to their cause. This is the way with generally poor journalism over incidents where there isn’t sufficient understanding of the technology involved.

The load this will place on ATC handling requests like exactly you have said is astounding. It also potentially adds another reduction into why the UK will fall into the shadows with drone technology.




Just playing devils advocate here. And i must say i have no opinion on this yet so please dont bite my head off. But a cheap sub 250g drone can go up to 100m and possibly a bit more. And im sure homebuilt ones could go much higher. A young kid could take one up on a flight path for a light aircraft. Might not do any damage. But would give the pilot a jump. Notifying the atc doesn’t necessarily mean you cant fly. But yes. It could potentially overwhelm them. Its a fast growing hobby so calls may increase. It feels like a deterrent. “Cant be arsed to call em. I’ll just fly somewhere else”


You raise an excellent point there chap. It could well have that effect. The only thing here is your idea does hold some water and i am not convinced our political masters would be able to come up with that type of reasoning.

Not sure a 250g drone would manage 100m, given they mainly work off Wi-Fi. I know my tello struggles after about 50ft.

Just as an aside, been flying in Guernsey recently and despite the fact my PfCO doesn’t apply there, ATC were fantastic and approved my flying at all locations requested.


Youv’e not seen any of the sub 250g racers then. Can easily punch up hundreds of meters in a matter of seconds.

But im guessing your talking about toy drones.


Correct mate, no experience of racing drones, the cat like reflexes left me some years ago.

Also do racing drones work from Wi-Fi?

Cheers fella