Noisy Mini 2?

Here is one for you, this afternoon I went out for a walk with the dog and decided to put the 2 up for a quick overview.

When I got the drone and first fired it up, I was struck by how quiet it was, it even seemed quieter than my 2 Pro. This afternoon it sounded deafening! It was a misty afternoon in a relatively quiet location which could I suppose have an effect. The props look fine and no warnings came up on the Fly app.

Could it be atmospherics or is it more likely my imagination, given how peaceful the setting was, has anyone else experienced something like this?

Did you actually fly it then? Or just start the rotors and stop them a minute or two later?

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It’s a lot quieter than a 2

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First time I started it was indoors, and yes I couldn’t resist getting airborne - by about a foot! I’ve flown it three more times before today and each time thought how quiet it was.

I was wondering if the moisture in the air might amplify the noise from the blades somehow.

Entirely possible I guess.

If it’s foggy when I’m out walking the dog in the mornings you can literally hear a pin drop from a mile away :hear_no_evil:

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How did you know it was a pin,? asking for a friend


If I’m alone in the forest and my wife isn’t there to hear me, am I still wrong?



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of course you are… wives have a telepathetic link to know we are wrong…

But my question is when my wife says “you are right dear!” What actually happens? Does the world implode of something?

No. A new time line is generated whereby your alternate self reaps the benefits, while on this timeline you’re still wrong.

  1. Yes, always!

  2. You’ll never know, as it’s never going to happen!