NoLimitDronez worth the £££?


I saw it on their blog (I might be the only person left in the world that still uses RSS feeds :blush:) but no, not tried…

Looks seriously cool mod though :grimacing:

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Hi guys

Just joined nolimitdronez and I wanted to see what you guys think of the site for mods

I’ve got a Mavic Pro Platinum and use IOS and I’m interested in having access to some of their mods

Any thoughts on them and ease of use ?




Moved your post over to the pre-existing thread on the subject. :wink:



Well timed Aij615, as today is the first time I’ve looked at my drone in 8 months, suffered a back injury twice and after 3½ stone lighter( was not large in first place just loss of appetite due to pain).

Anyway when turned on tablet DJI go 4 nld was not working so knew it needed updating.

Went to NLD website notice I needed to update my nld mod client as well and did not need DJI assistant 2 anymore.

Booted NLD Mod Client build a latest DJI go 4 NLD which is simple enough (if you have problems lets me know if your using android). Install DJI go 4 NLD APK in aeroplane mode and use for username: aaa password:bbb

when I did mine originally last year I was able to go back .0700 no bother and also only today I realised I never did my controller or goggles properly as it seems that all 3 worked ok that they were a on different firmwares.

But today I had a brain fart moment, I thought I flash to another firmware and stupidly clicked 1.04.0400 and realised not good move, spend hours and continuous recharging batteries trying to get it back to .0700 without success kept saying it’s on 1.04.0400 just looping on flashing,

Now @Aij615 if you do go down this route choose your firmware wisely that suits you, try and see if it will flash as its first time and might be lucky. Don’t worry as after trilling with no answers this is what you might have to do and this is start from latest firmware and go down the list one by one until you reach the one you want, for me to get back to 1.03.0700 from 1.04.0400 I will have to flash each firmware 8 times until I got to it.

After your bird is on the firmware of your choice unplug keep it running close the client down reopen and plug in your controller in at this point it tell you to plug bird back in to check firmware when it’s down this only takes 10 seconds unplug plug in controller and your choice of firmware choose the one coordinates with your bird and flash after a few mins it be complete and same with the Goggles plug in and out put bird in and out then goggles and flash again.




Yikes! Hope you’re on the mend!
When you posted elsewhere, yesterday, i thought “there’s someone I’ve not seen in a while”.



Yea on the mend thanks, body was contorted to compensate the pain got to the point I was getting addicted to pain killers, could not walk could not sleep in a bed a recliner was my only peace, then I was introduced to CBD oil and after the first drop stopped all painkillers started to walk straighter and after wee bit of physio I’m a new man lol.



Just for information - I’m on a MAC - so asked when it was coming for that platform…



Could always run it in a nice clean virtual machine on your Mac



Interesting that they said iOS, rather than macOS… :thinking: