Noob from North Yorkshire


Hi All,

My name is Simon, I’m from North Yorkshire, and a newbie to the drone world.

I am a maker, and build stuff in my shed, and this Autumn I’ve built the beginnings of a FPV racing drone.

I’ve only just begun my journey to learning to fly this thing, and at the moment the major impediment is finding somewhere I can legally practice. Lots and lots of unpopulated land round me, but seemingly no land owners very keen on giving me permission to fly.


Hello and welcome Simon.
That looks some quite serious stuff you have going on there.


Hi Simon / @Siluial , and welcome to GADC.

There are some other members that have racing drones, too - and, whilst in the minority you are all most welcome here!
Hopefully there are others with racing drones in your area that can give you a few pointers on where you might be able to fly.

If you haven’t already, take a look at the Map of Members. This is a relatively new feature so not everyone is on there as yet, but I’m sure there are other members in your neck of the woods that will come and say Hi that may also have ideas on locations.

And, thanks for already having added your location. :+1:

Also, if you’ve not seen it, check out our map of places where members have flown. Obviously, this is mainly populated by posts from the more sedate drones than yours, but there’s always a change that it might be of assistance.


Hi Simon, quite a few of us from Gods Own County.

We get together now and again too.


Hi Simon welcome to GADC.

Finding space to practice with a racing drone is a little different as you will do a LOT of walking to pick it up.

Is this your first?

What TX and FPV gear did you go for?


Not sure I’d class any I do as serious :wink:


Yes, this is my first drone (fpv or otherwise).

I’ve not bought the fpv kit yet. I figured I’d learn LOS first. I’ll probably get the EV100 headset, and something cheap from banggood.

Just did my first test flights this weekend to tune up the PID controller, seems to be flying well now. Just got to dmfind some space to let it rip now.


I’ll keep any eye out fir any meet up posts.


Thanks for the welcome :grin:


I learnt with Velocidrone on PC.

Superb simulator/game.

If your TX has usb you can use it as a controller and HDMI to your goggles when get them.

You can also tune the quads with an identical setup to betaflight which lets you see what effect different rates have without crashing your own drone.

LOS is extremely difficult on a racer, I gave up and went straight to FPV. I can bring it back LOS if I have to but that’s about it.


I’ve just spent 10 minutes watching the videos on the main page!
Now downloaded - just need a compatible controller now.

If I knew what other kit to get for a full FPV setup this is what I’d get :wink:



You can use a PlayStation or Xbox controller but nothing beats the feel of a real TX.

Can sometimes pick up a turnigy evo cheap on eBay and it works via usb without adapters, same with frsky ones.

The cheaper flysky ones work with a simulator cable.

Don’t be tempted to start in angle or horizon mode, it will set you back when you try to learn rate.

Go straight in with rate mode. It will feel impossible at first but it’s amazing how quickly you pick it up with some practice.


I’ve got FreeFlight from Steam, and an Fs-i6b with cable which I’m using as a controller. The only thing is the drones in the sim seem almost nailed in position, which is very different to my drone, which has a tendancy to drift or bob about a bit. I’m not certain how much drift / bob is normal so I’m not sure if the simulator or my drone is at fault.


I’ve not tried free flight. Try the Velocidrone demo with that controller.

Mine drifts a lot if you take your hands of the sticks, in rate mode Its constant adjustments to keep it level.

When you say bobbing up and down do you mean as your adjusting throttle to maintain a set height? It took me a while to learn to keep a steady altitude in flight.

If you bring up throttle until it’s hovering it should hold altitude roughly without bobbing but when you pitch in any direction it loses altitude as it travels and you need to give it more throttle.


FPV Air 2 on Steam is good - using a PS4 Controller I can usually keep it in the air for a few minutes :wink:


Hi @Siluial and welcome to Grey Arrows!

And congratulations too, a Hardcore Modder badge is currently winging it’s way to your profile :smiley:


Nice! I like the sound of “hardcore modder”.

If helps you justify it, I printed the frame with a homemade 3D printer :grin:


So if something brakes just print another sounds easy…
Ok maybe not


Oh and welcome to the madhouse


Thats very sad to hear. Especially in a country where you can scare the poo out of wildlife and sensitive folk with fireworks, at any time of day on, any day, up to 11pm.
Lucky for me I live in an area with a Council run by people who live in this century. We have an area set aside in our local park for weekend racing. Local folk don’t mind and some really enjoy watching it apparently.
I wish there was something that could be done to get the media on side with this sport.