Norfolk Broads, and a shameless plug

Ok, shameless plug alert.

My wife runs a travel blog, which is one of the reasons I got the drone in the first place. This video contains my first bit of published footage!

Fair warning - there’s two sections of droneage in the whole video - about 15 seconds long each!

There’s plenty for me to learn - as a pilot and an editor. There would have been more drone film in this if I was a better pilot. The software I’m using imported the footage at 1/4 size, so I had to blow it up a lot and the quality suffered a bit. Still, early days.

Even more shameless plug - subscribers always welcome!


I was expecting to see a shameless pug lol. Tired eyes.

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FOUND THEM!!! Do I get a prize? :wink:
Love the first clip! :+1:

Cue pet pictures…

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Thanks. The first one is definitely the better of the two.

More practice needed.

Your prize is a free walk to the end of the street and back.


Potter Heigham, St Benets Abbey, The Maltsters is a great pub they do some lovely food. Nice video :+1:

Thanks. Looked like a good pub, but didn’t have time. Might well venture there for a swift pint or three when we go back to go up the church tower.

Tempted to go fly around there as well.