Norfolk GPS jamming from 11th to 22nd of February 2019


All i’ll say is: KEEP OUT OF NORFOLK for the next week !!
Remember, you can’t get lost!, we only have 1 ferkin’ decent road in (A11), and another one out (A47) !!


The way I read it they are blocking 433-915MHz and 2.5-5.8GHz as well as GPS for 2 minutes up to 5 times an hour.

Could potentialy affect 5GHz wifi systems and possibly car keyless entry which operates at 433.92MHz…


GNSS jamming to. Having a crack at the Russian set up as well! Interesting. a very large area so maybe jamming from both ground and air.


SHIT!, I’m heading for the shelter !!
Rations?, tea?, coffee?, milk?, fags?, drone?


I’d love to know what they’re using on the ground to measure / capture the effect? :thinking:


Mavic Pro or Mavic Pro 2? :thinking:


Actually - we should invade the place by drones flown by those happy to fly ATTI … and buzz them incessantly all day!

I mean - it’s only a warning, not an NFZ! :wink:


May be John @Manty should doing some ground testing for us, he’s nearest?


i’m game !!


Up to 40,000 ft? so our drones are really spotted by airline pilots then?guess that means all these drone sightings must be true then?Nasty,Nasty drone pilots,ban em all…:rofl::rofl::rofl:


For sure - airlines will be avoiding the area! And, anyway, @ 40k you’re above most of them so they won’t see you. :wink:


Look out,down below…:rofl::rofl::rofl:


It will be interesting watching “Flight Radar” over the next week or so, as one of the North Sea crossing points for the Airlines is across the Wash in a line to Cromer, and over to Europe.


So, did you get your Flying day?, (and did the your guests head for the local Chippy for dinner)?


Well I did get out to fly but the drone just would not get off the ground ? Tried two different locations but still 'no go! Message on the phone said ‘magnetic interference’ Anyhoo, got back home (& yes via the chippy) & the drone worked perfectly. Superb day so did enjoy the getting out part of it.:+1:


Were you near anything metallic?, that’s is common if you are to near the car.
OR do you think it was anything to do with this test they were doing?


sometime pays you to do an IMU Calibration together with a Compass Calibration.
Magnetic Interference can affect the IMU in certain scenarios.
Would have to see the Logs from the drone to know what was going on.


This is the entrance to my pals place (white arrow on road) where the drone would not take off despite calibration attempts. He has a few acres all to the left of those pylons. TBH I had not been on the land before yesterday so was not aware of the pylons. Add that to the issue of potential ‘signal jamming malarky’ in the area I was very probably on a hiding to nothing but ‘hey-ho’ nothing ventured an all that! Is it worth even trying to fly within sight of these pylons again or are they an absolute no no ? Your thoughts !


Pylons won’t affect your drone.

Unless you crash in to them :slight_smile:


I agree with Rich, they should not have any adverse affect on the way it flys.
Could you not even start the drones motors?