Norfolk Regular Meet?


We had tried to remove @UnluckyTimmeh ring the night before, with no luck!.
I then told him to put an “O” ring on the front (approx. 14 or 15mm inside diameter) ,then CAREFULLY use a pair of pliers to loosen it !.
(The “O” ring ,gives it the grip, the pliers on the “O”, should, then not mark the ring, providing you are careful ! )
A small elastic band wrapped around a few times, should also work !
Why the F@@k do they do them up so tight !!
Luckily!, I have plenty of them!.
P.S. I now always carry one in the Air Combo bag !


@UnluckyTimmeh and I done a side to side comparison only Friday Night with our Air’s hovering, looking in the same direction.
Mine with the filter on ,his without the CPL Filter,
the difference was an eye opener !


Like this ?


Don’t tell Russell !, He will think your Air was having a bath !




ah !, nothing really Russell !, Just that Tim had been flying up the river at low level at Earlham Park last night.
And looking at his pic above “Your pucker hole”, would have been going “Sixpence , Halfcrown” !, watching it !


I’m slightly less nervous about water after our little Wells experience and watching how low you went with yours.

It will be a while before i get completely comfortable with it.

Good shooting Tim.


Do you adjust it before every flight @chrisjohnbaker? :thinking:


I always check it to see if it has moved, and that it is set before I fly.
I know if it is in the correct position, by the lettering on the rim.


More trips to Earlham park. Works really well with a sunset over the trees. I’ll try and get some pictures uploaded.

All being well one Monday soon-ish I’m off to a off-road motorcycle training school out towards kings Lynn. It may be possible for a few of us to go. Anyone else fancy it?

I’m looking forward to it giving me an opportunity to do some tracking shots etc.


Hell yes! Schedule permitting, count me in.


I’m up for that Tim!, let us know what the plan is !


So are we meeting soon? I would like to attend. I have a spark and now got 3 batteries for it :slight_smile:


I’d be careful flying this low over water with downward sensors on. My Air tried to fly away over Ullswater. In fact it did actually fly away for a couple of seconds until I flicked it into sport mode.

An ‘expert’ on the mavic forums looked at my logs and concluded that it was due to the water reflections. Not any control input from myself.

However I’m not entirely convinced although the manual say not to fly low over water.